Looking for a Job in BPO Call Center? 5 Things You Need to Know

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Are you seeking an entry-level job to start your career? Well, BPO is the best option to begin with, especially when you are a fresher and looking for ways to brush your professional skills.

Each year lakhs of intermediates and graduates pass from their respective universities, all set to join the organization that can help them shape their career. Therefore, to stay ahead of such huge job competition in the market, you need to know insiders of the job you aspire to have in the coming time.

In this article, we are discussing five pointers that every candidate should know before stepping in the role of call center executive in a BPO call center.

Let’s Dive In!

1.  Know the Way Call Centers Work

The call center is merely not a vocal communication platform used by brands. Instead, it is a podium that bridges the communication gap between the customer and brand by offering adequate solutions with first call resolution (FCR) itself.

Here, the customer having a grievance calls the customer support to raise a ticket. Followed by turns of events, it allots them the call center executive, where the agents are expected to understand the concern of the customer and provide them with the best solution. Also, the call center executive is expected to create the follow-up calls, if the issue remains unattended in the previous conversation.

2.  Know Your Expertise Matching Level

There is often a misconception that the jobs of BPO call center are for everyone. Clearing the myth, like any other business role BPO jobs do require a special set of skills that differs from person to person.

Hence, when looking for a BPO job, make sure whether you want to work in BPO or KPO, as both demand different skill sets.

In general, if you are willing to know your expertise level you must possess the following characteristics-

  • Good command over English/Hindi/Regional language (based on call center type).
  • Must have a graduate degree.
  • Basic knowledge of operating the computer.
  • Must have confidence for public-speaking with a clear tone of speech.
  • Willing to work in rotating shifts.

3.  Know Your Career Growth with BPO Call Center

If you are aiming to shoot big by joining the job as a call center executive in any BPO firm, you need to learn what exactly the job role holds for you in the coming years.

Getting started with a call center agent might be a bit slow in terms of monetary growth. But it offers multiple opportunities to progress from one position to another along with improved qualities, favorable for a career in growing times.

With BPO jobs, you can expect to have qualities of leadership and management that will bolster you to accomplish the goals, even if you intend to have lateral movement from BPO to other departments.

Also, you need to know about the designation growth you will be having if you are joining at ground level i.e, agent.

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4.  Know Your Pay Packet Before Applying for BPO Jobs

The pay package for call center executives differs for each candidate. The in-hand amount is offered based on various factors such as education level, shift timing, previous experience, and certifications (preferably language, brand recognition, and industry type).

As per the recorded data over the years, you can expect to have a salary of around 90k  to 1.2 lakhs, annually. Therefore, before you land upon any final offer for a BPO call center job, make sure to negotiate well to get the most out of the efforts in the job.

5.  Know Your Job Type (Full Time / Contract) Before Accepting the Offer

BPOs usually have the clients for a fixed time period. Due to this reason, they hire skilled call center executives on a contract basis.

Post the completion of projects various BPO companies layoff or furlough their executives till the next availability of the projects.

Thus, when looking for a job in a BPO call center, make sure to opt for safe positioning in the firm by clearing beforehand the doubt regarding the job type you are going to own (full-time basis or contract type basis).

Hence, based on your expectations from the job, you can further choose the firms to appear for the final interview.

In Conclusion:

As with any other job, BPO call center jobs have their own set of pros and cons. With BPO jobs, one can expect to grow from one position to another in a shorter span if each business initiative is taken after developing the great idea of business.

Hence, if after going through the above-mentioned pointers you find yourself and job role worthy enough, then instead of wasting time in delusion you can apply for acquiring the position in a well-named BPO firm and shape your career.


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