Find your Way to Successful Long Term Care Billing with Sunknowledge Approach

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In the long term care facility billing claim management is one of the most complicated areas that many health care practices lack and need expert support. This is because claims for long term care facility billing have to be submitted in date orders for the single month of services.

The long term cares billing process is where experience expert billers and certified coders are required who can not only seamlessly handle complex long term care claims but also ensure in closing the billing gap faster and efficiently.

How Sunknowledge can help with all your long term facilities billing claims

With a complete knowledge and understanding of the claim form (UB – 04) Sunknowledge services have been delivering a competitive support with a dynamic team of billers and coders for more than 10 years now.

Transforming your claims, our experts additional ensures:

  • timely claim submission
  • contacting payers regarding the status of the submitted claim
  • Assists in pursuing claims with different peers
  • regularly following up
  • even working on underpayment and appeals

Reducing the overall 80 % of your operational cost at only $7 per hour our specialist assures:

  • Proper attention given to every cash amount regardless of its size increased in collection rate by 30%
  • 99.9% accuracy rate
  • highest productivity matrics in the industry

In fact, we are the only RCM company that is capable of handling difficult to recovery aging account receivable which is as old as the last three years.

Offering unmatched standards of productivity that can completely change your long term care facility billing for good, we are today are the leading RCM solution with more than hundreds of excellent industry references.

Call our experts right away and see how we can find you the right solution that will help you with a seamless billing operation that you have always wanted so that you can focus more on patient care management.


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