List Of Top FAQs You Must Know Before Applying For Visa 601

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List Of Top FAQs You Must Know Before Applying For Visa 601

    1. What is the Australia ETA 601 Visa all about?

Well, there are different Australian visa options suiting the different requirements of applicants. One of them is the Electronic Travel Authority (601) Visa. This visa has been designed for all those who wish to come to Australia for short periods of time. Applicants who had to visit Australia for a business-related purpose can also apply for this visa. In short, this visa lets you gain access to the country in a hassle-free manner.

    1. What to do if I already have an ETA or other Australian Visa?

The simple answer is the application of your subsequent ETA visa is not going to be processed in any way. However, your previous ETA or Australian visa should offer you a longer stay duration than the current one. Besides, the already existent visa must have potential residency or work rights for the processing to get shelved. In any case, the pertinent services will remain equally applicable to retrieve the processing endeavors and non-refundable government fees.

    1. What should I do if my application gets disapproved?

The application of the Visa Subclass 601 rarely gets disapproved only if incurred by exceptional circumstances. These include an applicant’s name arriving on the watch list of the government or previous criminal deeds etc. So, the best option would be to apply from a visa office pertaining to Australia. Nonetheless, the same fee rules will apply for retrieving the processing endeavors as well as the government fee which cannot be refunded.

    1. What to do if my passport is considered ineligible?

In that case, you can still apply for the eta 601 visa but a bit differently. All you have to do for that is to either contact an Australian office of visa, an office of an airline, or that of an agent of travel.

    1. Is there any way for the airline to know about my ETA visa?

Yes, most of the airlines are able to access the database of the ETA 601 visa via their reservation system. Subsequently, they can ascertain your status effectively the moment you depart for your journey.

    1. Does my flight arrangement come first before my ETA visa application?

The clear answer to this question is not at all. This is because the application process of the ETA 601 visa subclass is quite easy and simple. You just need to provide your basic contact details along with the valid number of your passport. The Department of Home Affairs will approve your application after ensuring the authenticity of these information pieces.

    1. What is the average duration of the ETA 601 visa?

The Electronic Travel Authority (ETA) 601 visa allows you to stay in Australia for not more than three months on every visit. Again, you can access unlimited travel rights through the means of this visa. It implies that you will be able to come to and from the country as many times as you want. However, you won’t be able to do so after the duration of your visa expires.

    1. Which is the best time to apply for the ETA 601 Visa?

According to the protocol of the Australian Immigration Department, the sooner you apply for a visa the better it is. The same rule applies when it comes to applying for the Electronic Travel Authority (ETA) 601 Visa. As per this criterion, the best time to apply for the 601 visas would be to apply a fortnight before your flight date.

    1. Am I eligible to apply for the Electronic Travel Authority 601 visa?

The Department of Home Affairs allows applicants of certain countries to apply for the Eta Subclass 601 visa. So, as an applicant, you should be the passport holder of any of these countries in order to become eligible.

    1. Who cannot apply for the Electronic Travel Authority 601 visa?

Certain individuals again cannot apply for the Electronic Travel Authority 601 visa. These include applicants who are either holding the certificate of identity, non-citizen passport or that of another travel document.

    1. What is the amount of time required for my ET 601 visa to get processed?

Although, the processing time of the Electronic Travel Authority is quite fast and can be processed within twenty-four hours. However, certain factors will influence the processing time of the ETA visa 601. These include submission of an incorrect or incomplete applications, complicated cases, volumes of application, and peak seasons, etc.

    1. What are the different documents that I need to submit?

Before you apply for your Electronic Travel Authority (601) visa, you need to gather certain documents unfailingly. Ironically, gathering these credentials is quite easy. This is because these are some of the most fundamental documents which any person can collect. These include the following:

  • Your valid passport. This is imperative not only for visiting Australia but any other country in the world.
  • Your authentic email address will help you to acquire your ETA 601 visa in a timely manner.
  • Finally, make the payment of your visa through a Paypal account, debit card, or that credit card.

You will have to answer a questionnaire as well when applying for the 601 visas. These questions are again quite simply asking you to provide information related to your full name and passport ID etc. Hire an Immigration Consultant Perth to apply for your ETA 601 visa successfully. So, depending on your individual circumstances, your Migration Agent Perth will suggest an appropriate application procedure. Finally, your Visa Consultant Perth will ensure the most satisfying visa application for you.


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