Limitations of QuickBooks Conversion Tool when we Convert Quicken Data to QuickBooks Desktop

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You can utilize the Quicken Converter just when you are moved from a Quicken version that is certainly not an equal version of your QuickBooks like Quicken 2016 to QuickBooks Pro, Premier, or Enterprise 2019 Desktop. You may likewise skip utilizing the Quicken Converter and convert Quicken Data to QuickBooks Desktop with utilizing the Converter Utility. Additionally, you can likewise decide on Quicken Phone Support to profit from a solid and sensible answer of this changing over files theme. We have exceptionally taught tech-nerds who work uniquely to proffer financially savvy cure. 

There are two choices in your grasp through which you can Convert Quicken File to QuickBooks. What’s more, the methodology of the two of them are referenced in this blog. You just need to do it to experience the substance cautiously and bother to openly move your data from the Quicken account to QuickBooks. 


Utilize the Quicken Converter to Convert Quicken Data to QuickBooks Desktop 

Prior to utilizing this tool, ensure no other version of Quicken software is installed in your PC. On the off chance that it is in this way, uninstall it from your PC promptly and afterward download the correct one given underneath: 

  • Download those version of converter tool which coordinates the year version of your QuickBooks Desktop 
  • Now, install and Convert: Follow the underneath focuses 
  • Launch the downloaded Quicken Converter, and afterward press “Next”
  • Press a tick-blemish on the checkbox ‘I acknowledge the terms in the permit consent’ to acknowledge the terms and conditions, and afterward click “Next” button 
  • To start the installation of the Quicken Converter, select “Next”, and afterward click Install 
  • Select Launch Quicken Converter, at that point Finish 
  • Pick Transfer data from Quicken for Windows, and afterward select Get Started 
  • Open a data file situated on this PC, and afterward Select “File” 
  • Peruse to choose your Quicken file (.QDF) file and press “OK” 
  • Select “Convert it” and afterward hit “OK” 
  • To save your new Quicken Data File, select Save, at that point select “Exit” 

When your file is upgraded to a viable version of Quicken, you would now be able to begin changing over. One more strategy is there to make conversion of your file or data. To know about that, follow the beneath focuses: 

  • Utilize the Conversion Utility Convert Quicken File to QuickBooks 
  • Convert your Quicken file utilizing the Conversion Utility in QuickBooks Desktop with the assistance of noted advances: 
  • First go to File > Utilities > Convert, and afterward decide on Quicken 
  • Select the Quicken file (.QDF) that whichever you need to incognito 
  • The Conversion Utility will manage you in detail when you press F1 



When you experience the above noted guidelines cautiously, you can change over the Quicken File to the QuickBooks. Yet, in the event that actually getting flopped in doing conversion, at that point without a doubt call at Quicken Technical Support Number. Your call will be replied by the geeks who are adequately capable to adapt up all the in fact related glitches.

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