Licensed real estate agent jobs in NYC apartments

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Are you looking for a career change? 

Are you trying to manage your earning potential and make the cash that you deserve? 

Are you fascinated in the Growing Real Estate Industry? 

If you answered “YES” to any of these questions, this is the just right opportunity for you! 

Brick & Galo Realty offer exclusive rental listings. If you are trying to gain valuable experience, learn residential real estate, and want to be part of a great team – then this is the job you have been looking for. This position is 

for a licensed agent on our team who works with listed customers and performs numerous agent responsibilities. 

We provide you with the assistance, mentorship, guidance, education, and training you need not only to start but to flourish. If you are interested in making extra money, having a flexible schedule, and working in a fun, inviting surroundings, then you should definitely apply today! 

Roles & Responsibilities 

  • ·Must be a licensed real estate agent,
  • Capability to think critically and problem solve complicated scenarios High degree of reliability and work ethic
  • Exude a strong work ethic and endless passion for success. Have excellent communication skills
  • Good knowledge of the Brooklyn Neighborhoods
  • Be network-savvy to build your business.
  • Ability to work independently with terrific interpersonal skills. Motivated person with the eagerness to learn and excel in their field Entrepreneurial mindset with an hunger for learning new skills

Brick & Galo Realty is the leading online condominium listing website and we’re the fastest developing company in the online real estate space. Born out of the need to simplify the search for a home, free of faux listings and endless website visits, we created a completely unique property search platform that packed the gaps left by others in the market. Led by passionate hassle-solvers. We’re poised to become the most trusted place to discover a home in NYC 

Reasons to work with us 

Fantastic Peers 

We are a team of dreaming doers who in no way settle. Our folks are humble and bold, persistent and jolly, fast and aware. 

Supersonic Growth 

When you do not compromise, you maximize. At Brick & Galo Realty, you will be challenged each single day to become better than best. Change the World 

We work to make the world a better place. In this epic journey, we are constantly seeking out torchbearers. 

No Nonsense 

We fight, not grumble. We talk to people, not to titles. We work on stable fundamentals, not on archaic guidelines.


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