Learn About Working Principle of Vortex Flow Meter

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Flow Meters are reliable flow rate measurement instruments capable of controlling abs giving proper readings when it comes to handling gases and liquids. The profitability and bottom line of a plant that processes gases or fluids largely depend on the effectiveness of the flow meter. Advances in technology have seen many types of flow meters undergoing essential upgrades to increase their performance when measuring flow rate. Among these flow meters is the vortex flowmeter. 

This article will be reading more on what vortex flow meters are and what working principles they use when measuring velocity to determine the flow rate. Continue reading for greater understanding. 

What is a Vortex Flow Meter? 

There are numerous types of flow meters. They all work differently to provide an accurate flow rate. A vortex flowmeter works by measuring vortices or swirls created by a fluid when it hits a bluff object. Vortex flowmeters determine flow rate by measuring the flow rate if passing liquid. So far, vortex flow meters are the most versatile flow meters in the market. These types of flow meters can measure or control various types of fluids. You can use it to control industrial chemicals or the treatment of wastewater. 

These types of velocity flow meters have their drawbacks, though. However, manufacturers have worked so hard to reduce the various setbacks with the vortex flowmeter. Several released versions have proved to be more efficient in measuring flow rate in various flow systems. There are new versions that are designed to measure flow rate much more effectively.

The new features of the vortex flowmeter which did not exist in the previous versions include:

Dual-sensor Technology

This nifty feature of the vortex flowmeter can improve the output level since it comes as an enhanced frequency signal.

Rugged One-piece Welded Sensor Designs 

This rugged sensor checks reading errors from leak-related problems to minimize reading errors and ensure flow measurement accuracy. 

Advanced Filtering Algorithms 

This feature establishes the quality and the strength of the signal and real-time norms. While on a working model, this feature helps to minimize the common mode noise effects and other noises that may hinder effective flow rate reading. 

The various fluid measurements that can be done using the vortex flowmeter include cryogenic fluids, water, and air: chemicals, hydrocarbons, nitrogen, boiler feed water, and more. You can measure various gases and steam passing through pipes in industrial processes with a vortex flow meter. These flow meters can withstand high temperatures and liquid droplets, making them perfect flow meters for measuring saturated steam and wet gases. 

Vortex Meter Types Benefits 

What makes the vortex flow meters a great flow measuring instrument is their wide rangeability. These flow meters have a high accuracy rate, making them ideal instruments for measuring dangerous fluids and gases. With an efficient repeatability rate, they are wonderful devices for measuring steam, liquids, and gases. They also offer linear output. They also come in different designs and sizes that are quite convenient and cater to varying applications. 

Their working principle makes it hard for such flow meters to measure and control fluids that are slurry or have high viscosity. Another setback of a vortex flow meter is that it will not produce an accurate flow rate if the flow is not sufficient. It is hard for vortices to form in low flows. Turbulent flows are necessary if a vortex flow meter is to work properly. Performance of the vortex flowmeter may be hindered if there is pulsating flow or extreme turbulence. 


Vortex Flow meters can cover different types of fluids, provided they don’t have high viscosity. They are ideal measuring instruments because of their high accuracy levels. However, using them with low flows or slurry liquids will affect their flow measurement capabilities. Make sure you choose the right vortex flow meter that is essential for your application. 


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