Laravel vs CodeIgniter: Which Framework to Choose in 2021

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What Is Laravel?

It is a free and open-source PHP framework widely used by the laravel development company across the globe to develop web applications. It is a robust PHP framework and very easy to understand. It allows developers to develop web applications using architectural and design patterns called model-view-controller.

According to the Laravel web development company, it is one of the highly reliable frameworks because it follows expressive and accurate language directions. Laravel is a PHP framework that allows you to develop web applications from the available existing components of the different frameworks. When any of the laravel developers develop a web application in Laravel, it provides a great set of features that helps in boosting the developing web application speed.

If you are well known for advanced PHP and core PHP, you can use the Laravel platform to make your task convenient. If some developer is on a project to develop a web application from scratch, 80% of the website development company recommends Laravel framework will help you in saving a lot of time while development.

Why Use Laravel?

There are many things that you should get to know if you are a web developer and confuse in choosing the PHP framework. Let’s see why you should use Laravel PHP framework.

  • Quick and Simple

Laravel is the most popular PHP framework that most web developers use across the globe. Its build-in templates make web application development easier and quicker. Faster development allows you to save lots of time and costs.

  • Security

Security is and must be the number one priority for any business. Laravel PHP framework provides advanced security features to their users so that they can save their websites from internet hackers and other cyber threats. Laravel uses a Bcrypt hashing algorithm that is for not saving any password in the database. If you compare it with other PHP frameworks, Laravel stands on the top with its amazing user authentication and easy to create restricted access features.

  • Performance

Laravel, as one of the best PHP frameworks, supports caching for the website that helps in increasing the website’s speed and performance. For more out-of-the-box performance, Laravel PHP offers spectacular speed optimizing techniques and features like memory use reduction and more. If your business requirement is a speed and SEO friendly site, the Laravel PHP framework would be a great option that you can choose.

  • Multiple File Storage

Laravel always stood by with their users and provide a better piece of facilities. The built-in cloud storage system is one of the best things they offer. They have the Amazon S3 cloud storage system and Rack space cloud storage for the local storage. If you ever want to switch between these storage systems, it is very easy as the API remains the same.

  • Scheduler Feature

If you will go with the Laravel 5.0 then you will get to know about the scheduler, it allows web developers programmatic scheduling of periodically executed tasks.

What Is Codeigniter?

Codeigniter is also a free and open-source PHP framework that Codeigniter web development company uses across the world to develop web applications. Codeigniter provides a platform to the developers who want to develop a full-featured web application with a simple toolkit.

Developers from across the globe say that Codeigniter is one of the best available options that can help in creating dynamic websites using PHP.

Codeigniter gives their users proper freedom of developing web apps and you don’t need to depend only on model-view-controller development architectural and design patterns. Codeigniter is also known for their amazing security functions and encryption procedures they provide to their users while and after developing web applications.

It allows their uses to use third-party plugins in order to implement additional functionalities.

Why Use Codeigniter?

Codeigniter PHP framework comes with various features that make it different from others in the competition when it comes to developing fully-featured web applications. You can utilize the heavily loaded features to make what you or your client required. These are some reasons that show why you should use the Codeigniter PHP framework.

  • Its Free And Open Source PHP Framework

The first and one of the attractive features when we talk about Codeigniter is that it is an open-source and free PHP framework. Every business look for the affordable and budget-friendly service to built web applications. Codeigniter would be a great option if you are one of them who want to achieve goals saving money where it is possible.

  • Configuration Is Convenient

Codeigniter’s simple configuration is one of the main reasons PHP web application developers in the world prefer it. If you want to start working with Codeigniter, just download the latest version file and unzip the folder to install. You are ready to use the Codeigniter PHP framework.

  • Testing Feature is Flawless

Codeigniter, in its latest version, offers step by step testing feature that makes it a more efficient and effective PHP framework than the other available options for developing web applications. Testing is one of the most crucial and essential things for any type of web application development process.

  • Better Security

Everyone needs a fully secured platform when it comes to choosing the best web application developer in India and Codeigniter keeps your web apps protected from various cyber threats. Its high-end security features and functionality always attract developers to choose it as the best and secured web application development PHP framework. It is lined with encryption and decryption facilities that help in managing data and ensure the safety and security of a web application developed in it.

  • Lesser Codes

Codeigniter is also known for its superb functionality of developing web apps with lesser codes. It is beneficial because fewer codes mean fewer chances of mistakes and the most important thing is that you will save a lot of time. We all know that more the lightweight of a web application results in better performance.

Laravel or Codeigniter: which is better?

We cannot choose one another because they both have different and unique benefits and relevancy. It entirely depends on the project you are working on and the requirements of your client. If you need more deep knowledge from professionals for your web application development project then you can contact SAM Web Studio, the leading web development company in Delhi. What to know more about website designing and web development services and solutions? Contact us, we are happy to assist you on this.


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