Knowing About The Most Common Types Of Tyres

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Your car would be just a box of iron and mechanical components if you do not fit it with tyres. Your tyres are responsible to move your car on the road. They also, carry the weight of your vehicle. Nowadays, a lot of tyre types are available in the market because of the increasing goals and demands of the customers.

Today’s driving is not simple due to the complex nature of machinery in vehicles and increasing challenges on the roads. Therefore, tyre makers produce a lot of tyre designs as per the needs of car drivers.

As an example, the needs of a car driver would not be similar to the requirements of a truck driver.

So, they both need different tyres in their vehicles.

This blog is about the most common types of tyres. After reading this handy list, you would be able to choose your ideal tyres conveniently.

Run-flat tyres:

We are sure, you have experienced the problem of flat tyres on the road. It is really frustrating when you have to change your flat tyres in the middle of the road when a nearby garage is not available to help.

Run-flat tyres solve this issue since their design allows you to run the vehicle on a flat tyre. you can reach a safe place with the help of run-flat tyres since they have reinforced sidewall. Nowadays, a lot of car drivers are adopting run-flat tyres because of their benefits.

Because of run-flat tyres, drivers have extra space in their cars because they do not need to have a spare tyre.

Tubeless tyres:

Like run-flat tyres, tubeless tyres do not work on a traditional idea because mostly the basic design of the tyre has a tube filled with air. Tubeless tyres come without an inner tube. The inner tube in the tubeless tyres functions as inner liners. Air has no chance to escape because the tyres are sealed with rim tightly in the tubeless tyres.

The prime benefit of tubeless tyres is that they rarely face punctures. These tyres are known to have a longer life because of the absence of friction due to the inner tube.

According to many car drivers, tubeless tyres are more comfortable than conventional tube tyres.

Seasonal tyres:

As the name suggests seasonal tyres are made to face seasonal challenges. Mainly three types of tyres are known as seasonal tyres: winter tyres, summer tyres and all-season tyres.

Tyre manufacturers make winter tyres for cold weather. Therefore, their design supports cold temperature, icy roads and cold road surfaces.

On the other hand, summer tyres are made for hot road surfaces.

Tyre makers manufacture all-season tyres for both winter and summer season and these tyres can be used in moderate conditions.

All-terrain tyres:

Sometimes, drivers have to go both on and off the road surface. These drivers use all-terrain tyres in their vehicles. Mostly these tyres are used in 4 wheel drive vehicles and improve the look of the vehicle as well.

These tyres provide a comfortable ride on the smooth road surface and perform optimally on sand, rocks, mud, and snow.

Retreaded tyres:

Retreaded tyres are used tyres that are available in the market with changing tread pattern. In these tyres, used tyres are chosen and experts change their tread pattern with a complete retreading process. You can try these tyres if you are not too ambitious about your driving goals and looking for affordable tyres.

High-performance tyres:

High-performance tyres by brands like Continental Tyres Manchester are made for mainly sports cars, performance sedans and sporty coupes. These tyres are made for driving-enthusiasts who want a combination of appearance, performance and safety. High-performance tyres are suitable for both dry and wet surface but the drivers usually do not wish to have these tyres on snowy roads because of these high-speed ratings.

This is not the end of the list and there are many other types of tyres like mud-terrain tyres, budget tyres, eco-friendly tyres and radial tyres. These are some most common Car Tyres Manchester and if you want to know about more tyre types, you can browse websites of popular tyre dealers or can fix a personal meeting as well.


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