Know Why You Should Choose Window Blinds over Curtains

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We all often have confusion whenever we have to choose between blinds and curtains for window treatment. There are lots of benefits of choosing the right window treatment such as improving the decor, controlling the indoor temperature, enhancing privacy, and controlling the amount of light entering the room. There are multiple choices for window treatments, but blinds and curtains are the most common ones.

Curtains are like drapes, which are made up of panels of fabric, whereas blinds come with slats that are movable. Let’s get to understand the difference between curtains and window blinds India in terms of their benefits and disadvantages to your budget and decor. This can help you make the right choice out of the two.

Blinds Ensure Better Light Control Than Curtain

If you are looking for the best way to control the amount of light entering your room, blinds are your best bet. You can use the cord of the blinds to increase the lighting or dim the room. On the other hand, curtains do not provide as much control as blinds. However, you can consider adding sheers along with thicker curtains to gain more control.

Cleaning and Maintenance of Blinds Is Easier and Cost-Effective

You can dust and clean the slick and hard surface of blinds easily and quickly using a moist cloth. You can rotate the slats up and down using the cord so that you can clean all sides of blinds. On the other hand, you have to hand-wash curtains or get it cleaned through a laundry or dry-cleaning service, which is additional maintenance cost. Since most curtains come with metal rings, you cannot put them in a washing machine. Alternatively, if you have a vacuum cleaner, it is easier to clean curtains.

Blinds Have Better Energy Saving Abilities

Blinds can go a long way in cutting down your utility bills when compared to curtains, thanks to their energy-saving abilities. This energy-saving is achieved by controlling the amount of heat entering your room during summer and reducing loss of heat during winter. When used properly, blinds can store energy and heat, thus increasing efficiency significantly.

Blinds Are More Durable Than Curtains

Once you invest in blinds, you don’t have to worry about any additional costs for the next decade or so. They are more resistant to stain and discoloration than curtains because they are made up of synthetic materials such as polymer-coated wood, aluminium, vinyl or plastic. The daily wear and tear are also lesser than that of curtains due to their ruggedness and rigidness. This is not the case with curtains. Since curtains are generally made of fabric, they are prone to discolouration, tearing, moulding and staining. You may have to invest in new ones once in 2-3 years.

Blinds Ensure More Privacy Control

Depending on your privacy needs from time to time, you can get more privacy control with blinds by adjusting the slats accordingly. If you want to have a look outside your window, you can partially open the blind slats and look out without anyone from outside even realizing that you are seeing.

With window curtains, you will have to completely close or open them and this may not offer as much privacy as blinds. Further, if the fabric of curtains is thin, people can easily get a view inside your room from outside. Also, if you want to look out of the window, then you will need to remove some section of the curtain, which will give a peek of the inside to the outsider.

Blinds Consume Less Space Than Curtains

Blinds generally feature a very compact design and do not consume a lot of space on your window. This gives a modern and sleek look to your room. Curtains will always take more space irrespective of whether the fabric is rolled to the sides or drawn.

Blinds Are Water-Resistant

Using curtains in areas that are prone to water or oil splashing, like bathrooms and kitchens, is not a wise idea. Blinds are the best option for use in such places. You can opt for blinds that come with water-resistant slats like those made of PVC or aluminium. Even if there are water or oil splashes, you can easily wipe it away with a moist cloth.

Now that you know the pros and cons of these window treatments, we hope you are in a better position to make the right choice. Blinds have been around for quite a long time now and are the most preferred choice by many modern homeowners. Besides their use in residential properties, blinds are also the first choice at offices and other commercial places where maintaining curtains is not an easy task. So, we can easily justify that blinds are always a better option than curtains.


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