Know Why It Is Bad to Drink Alcohol Before and After Tattooing

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Getting a tattoo brings forth a wide range of emotions in people. Some feel excited, some scared, and some even stressed – especially if they are about to ink their skin for the first time.

To manage emotions, many people consider hitting the bar. That ought to calm those nerves, right?  Drinking alcohol just before and immediately after tattooing can significantly impact the overall experience as well as the outcome.

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Drinking Before Tattooing

Since a large segment of the population spends a considerable amount of time thinking about their new tattoo, it can be quite annoying to be turned away by the artist just because they showed up intoxicated.

The experts offering walk in tattoo in the Gold Coast said drinking alcohol before tattooing can cause innumerable problems for both the artist and the client. Major ones among the lot include:

  • Zero Liability

Most of the studios would not accept you if they suspect you are under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Tattooing people who are under the influence can put the studio as well as the concerned artist at risk for legal complications. The paperwork signed might nullify certain liabilities, but the studio is not entirely released due to negligence.

  • Excessive Movement

The artist gets only a single chance to draw the tattoo correctly. They ask the client to sit still as much as possible. This would not be possible if the said client is drunk. People who are under the influence of alcohol tend to become excessively animated and active. They become relaxed, which causes them to move and talk more.

  • Regrettable Decisions

No one can arrive at an informed decision when they are intoxicated. When under the influence of alcohol, inking offensive words on the neck or knuckles may seem like a great idea. However, the next morning, you may regret the location as well as the design. You then have to schedule a laser removal session, which is both pricey and painful.

  • Diluted Ink

Alcohol thins the blood, and ink from the tattoo becomes diluted, thus, getting absorbed by the skin. As a consequence, the final design starts fading within just a couple of weeks. You have to run for touch-ups to bring the crisp, bright colours back to life.

Drinking After Tattooing

Drinking alcohol after having the tattoo is also not a good idea. Alcohol slows down the process of healing and increases the chances of bleeding. A tattoo is basically an open wound that needs to scab and then recover from the trauma. You should wait at least a week before you go knocking on the bars again.

According to the experts offering cosmetic tattoo in the Gold Coast said alcohol is not the only thing you need to avoid. Maintain your distance from all caffeinated beverages such as coffee, sodas, and energy drinks.

In case you are planning on taking a medication before the inking session, please consult a doctor. Tylenol is a great option since it alleviates pain to a great extent. Aspirin and ibuprofen thin the blood, so do not pop them.


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