Know How to Restore Table Data in SQL Server?

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Unfortunately, thousands of database administrators have faced their accidentally data deleted from SQL Server tables. This article will teach you how to restore table data in SQL Server using two prominent approaches.

But first, we will discuss about the various causes of data loss, which are numerous, and then we’ll delve into them so you don’t have to deal with them again. So, without further ado, let’s get started…

What is the cause of table data deletion or corruption?

Corruption or deletion of table data in SQL Server can occur for a variety of causes, but the following are the most common among them:

  1. Sudden Power Loss– This can be caused by unexpected loss of computer power while working on the SQL Server. This will result in a corrupt database and, in extreme cases, a completely destroyed database.
  2. Software Defects– In some circumstances, internal bugs in the SQL Server software interfere with your database files, resulting in corruption or deletion.
  3. Data Migration – SQL Database files and table entries are especially vulnerable during the movement from one server to another. Extreme caution should be taken when transferring the data. It is advised to utilize a migration tool to avoid errors.
  4. Malware & Viruses– Viruses are infamous in the twenty-first century for delivering massive harm to businesses in the form of lost or stolen data. Database administrators are no different. Malware, such as the infamous Ransomware, has been known to encrypt crucial database files until a “ransom” is paid. Administrators must maintain their machines secure.

Direct Solution: Use SQL Server Recovery utility to restore SQL table data in straightforward and hassle free manner.

How to Restore Table Data in SQL Server – Two Methods

The first technique is manual approach that the user can implement. However, they do have a few drawbacks. This technique does not work if the backup files are corrupted from which you going to restore table data.

#1: Restore table data in SQL server Using Restoration Wizard

You can restore deleted data from tables in SQL Server (SSMS) using the Restoration wizard in SQL Server Management Studio, This will restore your whole database, including database objects and tables, to a prior point in time; the time when the backup was taken. Follow these procedures to restore lost SQL Server table data.-

  1. Start SSMS and navigate to the server’s name in the Object Explorer.
  2. Right-click on the Databases folder and now, select the Restore Database… option.
  3. Choose the Device and your backup.
  4. Now, set the destination database.
  5. Click the OK button to restore your database.

Following these working steps, you should be able to restore table data in SQL server management studio. Finally refresh your data you can examine the recovered database files.

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#2: Use Professional Approach to Restore Table Data in SQL Server

You can avoid these problems and restore your deleted data by utilizing professional software. It is used by SQL experts all over the globe to repair and recover corrupt or deleted SQL Server files. Without losing any data, the software can easily restore deleted stored procedures, tables, views functions, and other database items.

Additionally, it allows its users to export the recovered data into SQL Server database in either CSV file or SQL Compatible script. Furthermore, the tool is compatible with databases built in any version of SQL Server, including 2019, 2017, 216, 2014, 2012, and prior versions. Now, follow the below mentioned steps to immediately restore table data in SQL Server-

  1. Download, install, and run the software on your machine.
  2. Select Open option to load the MDF file.
  3. Select a scan mode and server for your MDF file. Choose the Recover Deleted Objects option to restore deleted data. Click on Ok button.
  4. You will able to preview of the table records. To save the recovered data, go to the top and click the Export option.
  5. After selecting Export, select SQL Server Database option.
  6. Fill in the database credentials for authentication.
  7. Choose Destination Database as the Create New Database or as Existing Database.
  8. Export your database with simply the schema or with both the schema and the data, depending on your needs. Then click the Export option.

Now all of your table data and other database objects will be restored in just matter of minutes. The time required will be determined on the size of the database files.

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Thousands of Administrators experience corruption and deletion of critical SQL Server database files on a regularly. This occasionally results in the deletion of tables.

You learnt about two alternative methods for how to restore table data in SQL Server. The first option is to utilize the Restoration Wizard, which is included with SSMS. Follow the procedures in SQL Server management studio to restore lost table data. The second approach is to use the professional approach that will restore the entire data without missing a single bit.



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