Keep These Things in Mind About Solar Water Pumps

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Are you hesitant on whether to install Amrut Solar Pumps or not? This guide is made up for you. We have captured the most important things about solar water pumps here in this guide.

So, no more waiting and let’s get a clear idea about it and why one should spend on the installation.

The need for Amrut Pumps arises because solar water pumps allow you to locomote from its remote source to where it requires to, without even needing any power lines. Mainly, the solar pump has three uses, which are domestic use for cooking, drinking, and washing, irrigation, and watering. These are the same basics that are used for three different requirements, domestic usage of it requires advanced features.

Usually, solar water pumps are somehow different from regular AC powered pumps. The difference is that there will be used DC power supply instead of AC. Most solar pumps are designed that can be used in off-grid conditions. Moving from DC to AC and then get back to DC, through this way you can maximize your pumping and minimize the consumption of power.  

One of the most effective ways to use a solar pump is PV-direct which power the pump directly off the solar panel without the usage of batteries. Besides storing power in batteries and experience losses, the water should be stored in a tank when it is required.

It is recommended to store water rather than power. Also, you can either use a cistern or tank. The difference between these two is a cistern comes up with a removable lid, whereas a tank is sealed.  

Solar water pumps are always a new concept and it is commonly seen in commercial and residential usage. Also, it has been found in irrigation and agriculture sectors as well.

By using solar panels, the pump minimizes the energy cost and it provides a feasible option that uses energy from the sun for the water pump.


Benefits of solar water pumps

The most important things you can include is that solar pumps are reliable in almost all remote locations. Even, it is available in Africa, which is believed to be the water scarcity region. On the flip side, the region is the most suitable for heavy sunlight.

Moreover, it will become easy to relocate and transport. You can organize solar panels as per necessity wherever you want. It has low operational costs compared to any other way of gaining water. These all are the most considerable benefits of solar water pump installation. The installation of it is suitable for regions with a sunny climate.    

Whether you require a solar water pump for agriculture or the energy industry, there is a wide range of applications available.


Any other questions?

Before you spend into Amrut Solar Pumps, you must have lots of questions. It’s better to contact the professionals and get the correct answers so that you can spend money without any hesitation.

Ask us questions if you have any through below comment box, and we will answer them all. 

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