Is Web Development Good For You As A Profession In 2021?

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This question has been so essential these days. With the world now recognizing the actual worth of computer science, the population has a lot of fields from which they can choose to make their way in the umbrella of IT. The umbrella of IT includes a bunch of fields as well like mobile application development, Artificial intelligence, Data Science, Cybersecurity, and of course web development. The scope of web development is so mighty and gigantic. If you have a firm command in web development then you can surely start earning a good amount of money in no time.

So what is web development? It is a process that builds, debug, maintain, and release a fully working and functional website or similar product on the internet. Web development services include making a simple static page to a complex dynamic version of the website. A lot of businesses and companies are aware that having an online presence in these times can be very beneficial for them. Having that said it is sure that more and more job opportunities will be popping up for those who choose this as their profession.

2021 is the time to become a web developer?

It sure is. This field is growing at the pace of every passing hour. Furthermore, in the current global pandemic where work from the home strategy was imposed worldwide, it came to attention that the IT industry was not that much affected. The work of a web developer can be easily done from home. Other than that, there is so much to learn in this field as a beginner which helps you explore it even more. 

No matter what is going on around the world right now we always have some form of technology on which we can rely on. Let it be social media apps, online food ordering apps, or connecting to family and friends, we are covered with the technology from head to toe. Behind each of these working applications, there is a team of web developers who not only builds and releases them but also makes sure that it works fine so they constantly maintain it as well.

The Positions That You Can Apply For As A Beginner

Subsequently, if you are making your way into the industry of web development here is some information that will help you in building your career. As a web developer, you can divide the work into three phases. The website may look easy but we have to understand that it surely takes a lot of time, dedication, and hard work as well. These three phases or roles are described below in detail

  • Front-End Web Developer

Who is a front-end web developer? He is the one who designs the entire front of the website or web application. It is the part that the user always sees and then interacts with in order to get his desired work done. The job of the front-end developer is to take data from the back-end and express it on the front-end in a way that an everyday user can easily understand and get the hang of it. He also implements the layout and adds the things like buttons, navigation bar, scroll bar, progress bar, images, and content. 

The user does not have any knowledge of how things work in the back-end. So the implementation of the front-end must be so appealing that the user experience increases and he gains the trust of the application as well. The front-end developers also have to make sure that the website they have developed should be cross web optimized. This means that it should open in all the web browsers the way it intended to be. Also, it should adapt to different screen sizes as well.

  • Back-end Web developer

He is the main man behind the working and functionality of the face (front-end) of the website. He is also responsible for building and maintaining the programming that powers the front-end. They ensure that everything the front-end developers build should be fully functional and ready to use, for this purpose front-end and back-end developers must be on the same page. 

  • Full-Stack Developer

He is the one who has full knowledge of both front-end and back-end technology. Furthermore, he is an expert across every stage of web development. They are well equipped and can get their hands on any project quite easily. However, this is achieved after many years of experience that too in a variety of different roles. The man in this position earns a good amount of money as well because the more complex the work is, the more it pays.


The answer is now clear that the career in a web development services company in 2021 is promising, challenging, and also financially rewarding. The first step to make progress in this industry is to make sure to learn programming languages, libraries, and frameworks. Invest in your learning and choose your career path today.


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