Is there any Specific guide on Sports Handicapping?

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Handicapping sports is a commonly misunderstood concept in sports betting.

As it moves out, a lot of people may have handicapped sports without even knowing it. Handicapping is the process of using available information to place bets on sporting events.

We should be honest for a second, though. The truth of sports betting is that sportsbooks are good for what they do.

The lines and estimates which they set often have a level of accuracy that looks uncanny. Read on to get more information.

The information that handicappers use

Opening odds

 The first information about the direction in which a game can go is the most obvious. The sports handicapping first odds usually show that the book’s experts have carefully confirmed the matchup and decided.

Overall team strength

 Even though a critical factor in determining how a game will participate is to look at the strength of its participants, as a common rule, the team having more wins to that point will be more likely to win.

Matchup advantages

Several teams tend to favor certain types of opponents and dread others. So, it’s essential that you, the enterprising handicapper, see how the teams have performed historically from other similar teams.

Recent play

 Teams will also go through ups and downs in a season. Some teams do best as time goes by, but others get tired and wither. Injuries may play into this equation, too. Also, look at how the team reacts to the loss of a particular player may affect how the season is going.

Home advantage 

 The team playing in its home field is often at the best advantage. We have both tangible and intangible positives to using facilities that are one’s own, and those factors will play out on the scoreboard.


1: start with odds

Know the current lines for a wager, though keep an eye on the odds as game time reaches. Any turn could be an indication of where the smart money is going.

2: consider the matchup

This option is one of the most vital. Every athlete or team will have specific strengths and weaknesses, and how those line-ups and their competition will show the results of the game.

Also know, when the players have a rivalry or history with each other, as knew, events might act as motivation. Some matchups always closed up competitive, no matter the teams’ records.

3: search for news

Google both teams and competitors participating in a match. Find any storylines which might impact a player’s or team’s performance. Also, look at external items, like the weather or injuries in sports handicapping.

4: examine the home advantage

Whatever team is playing at home is mostly going to have an advantage. However, do not just live with that assumption. Find out both teams’ home and away records. When the teams or players have a rivalry, it could reduce the chance of playing on home turf.

5: note recent play

As we mentioned earlier, teams and players will go through ups and downs. Quite small margins of error in high-level athletics show that minor tweaks could determine that a team has improved or declined earlier in the season.

One easy option to get a sense of recent play is by examining the power rankings which involve the team. A lot of free resources exist that could make sense of a team coming up or going down.


The content detailed above is meant only as a starting point for the beginning of sports handicapping. As you play more, you will start to see patterns and strategies which inform your selection better and make your bet more accurate.


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