Is Laser Surgery Viable For All Skin Types?

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Laser surgery has gained a lot of attention through the passing years in many different aspects of treatment. Laser surgery is a surgery that is done completely on the basis of the laser light. It is a specific kind of light which has a particular wavelength. This kind of light is different from the lights we see around us throughout the day. These lights are technically focussed and aimed in the form of a powerful beam light over the surface of the affected skin area.

Laser treatment is a kind of therapy that people go through where the aimed beam of laser light with very high intensity is shown upon the skin surface so as to cut off the excess or unwanted tissues from under the skin. This can be done on your face, belly area, arms, legs, armpits, back, private areas and covers many other body parts.

Laser surgery is a work of precision and practice. It requires ample training and a lot of experience to get the surgeon’s hand to sit well on the skin area.

The word ‘Laser’ in laser surgery stands for an abbreviated meaning known as:-

L – Light

A – Amplification by

S – Stimulated

E – Emission of

R – Radiation

The surgeons who perform laser surgeries have to be well trained and confident in their work since anything less than imperfection will lead to a worthless result in the laser surgery. Here, the eye and hand coordination is immensely important..

Is Laser Surgery Viable for All Skin Types?

Yes, laser surgery may be viable for all the types of skin and most of the areas on our body but there are some conditions drawn to it. Following are some points as to how a skin type affects the results of laser treatment:

  • The skin may get slightly invisible scars at times if the laser light does not cooperate with the skin type.
  • Sometimes an unsuitable skin may result in discoloration of the skin in some areas. This might lead to small and variable patches of different shades of the skin around the treated area.
  • Some skin types may get burnt while getting a laser hair removal London. This treatment focuses on aiming the radiation over the unwanted hair on the parts of the face or the body.
  • Since laser hair removal London has shown multiple positive outcomes and is effective on many patients of variedly different skin types, still, it is advised to go through a patch test before getting the treatment done on the focussed area.

Laser treatment can be opted by you in many cases like for permanent hair removal, kidney stone removal, improve vision, cosmetic laser treatment, to cut down the belly fat, to tone the facial muscles or face fat, to treat untimely hair loss and also to relieve severe chronic pains on the back, shoulders, and waist.


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