Is It Worth it to Buy 5G Phones in India

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The 5G network has become the latest talk of the town, and especially after the launch of the realme 5g phone – everybody is following the trend. Unlike the 4g phones, the 5g is rumored to come up with 1GBPS internet speed. 

It is undoubtedly a great feature to consider if you love to surf the internet or use it for professional purposes. However, are the 5g mobiles apt for all? Read on to decide whether purchasing the 5g phones will be a good decision for you or not. 

Pros of Buying 5g mobiles: 

  • Enjoy higher network capacity 

Compared to 4g, 5g networks come with greater capacity – thus, they can offer 100x more network support. The fact also implies that more people can connect using the 5g network without facing any network troubles. 

  • Be a part of a unified ecosystem

The 5g networks are not only about individual user flexibility – but ensures industrial-level network flexibility as well. Unlike the 4g network, the 5g network connects really well to autonomous vehicles, smart homes, and internet hotspots apart from PCs, 5g mobiles, and laptops. 

  • Higher Download Speeds

One of the biggest advantages of using the 5G network is the high download speed. Today, you not only expect fast download but in less time. 5G will entitle you to enjoy very high-speed internet. The transmission speed can be undeniably fast. If you need to do remote jobs, you can easily experience the benefits of this network. 

  • Low Latency 

Latency is measured by checking how long the signal takes to reach the receiver from the source and again come back. The primary goal of each improved generation of technology is to reduce latency. The 5G latency is faster, and the round trip data transmission can be done within five milliseconds. 

Cons of Buying 5g mobiles: 

  • Major Carriers Haven’t Adopted 5G

5G Mobile networks will only remain fast as long as significant network carriers in India provide 5G plans. After the launch of Jio and their groundbreakingly cheap plans, powerful carriers in India were forced to drop their prices too.  Additionally, many major network carriers don’t have faith in 5G’s ability to replace 4G worldwide, citing smartphone costs and higher-priced plans.

  • Less Upload Speed

Though the downloading speed of the 5G network is very high, the uploading rate is as low as 100 Mbps. Both downloading and uploading are important parts of your work. If you need to send files using 5G, it can consume a lot of time. However, the uploading speed of the other networks, especially 4G LTE, is much higher. 

  • Battery Hungry Network 

We want more from our smartphones in all ways. Whether it is fast internet or battery life, both should not bother us. To experience a 5G network, in 5g mobiles, you might experience a reduction in battery life. This network is a battery-hungry network. If your smart device does not have a proper battery to support 5G, there can be depletion in battery life. 

Is a 5G Phone Worth Buying In India Right Now?

The answer can only be found when you consider the implications of the pros and the cons together. You get massive benefits with 5G phones in areas with access to super fast 5G mobile networks.

However, if you live in the rural regions of India or out on the plains where mobile network congestion isn’t an issue, you might not need 5G. Super quick browsing, downloads and phone performance will not be an issue if you have a clear network and speed.  

Thus, whether you need a 5G phone depends on your particular circumstances, but it’s an overall good idea to wait till the end of 2021 to get your hands on a 5G phone. Not only will the prices of phones with 5G modems drop sharply after the public craze is over, but also more carriers will have realized their folly and picked up 5G by then, allowing you more options in the 5G carriers and plans you’ll use. 

However, if you want to purchase the best realme 5g phone but are worried about the price of the device, you can now rest easy. Using the Bajaj Finserv EMI Network Card, you can own a new smartphone without paying anything upfront. Instead, you can divide the cost of the new device into No Cost EMIs and repay the amount in flexible tenors ranging from 3-24 months.


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