iPad Battery Tips That Might Save You a Visit to an Apple Service Centre in Gurgaon

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The Apple iPad might be right at the top of the tablet pyramid, and rightfully so, given its superior performance, top-notch build, and excellent app support. However, it too faces shortcomings such as bugs and other issues that hamper the user experience.

That should also explain the existence of so many Apple service centres in Gurgaon, which fight every day to keep your precious device fit.

But before you decide to get in touch with them, keep in mind that some common issues can well be fixed right at home. Here, we discuss the iPad battery and charging issues which are among the more common issues you are likely to face, and ways to fix the same.

iPad does not charge

If that is the issue you are facing, try connecting your iPad directly to the wall outlet via the power adapter that came with the original packaging. If you are instead trying to charge the iPad via a computer port, chances are that the port might have become disabled or it could have become non-functional due to any reason. Also, some computer ports are not able to produce enough charge for the iPad to juice up.

However, if you find that another device is getting charged via the same port or that the iPad isn’t getting charged even from the wall outlet, then you have something to worry about. Here’s what you can do:

1. Try a different cable and/or adapter and see if that works.
2. Some users say their iPads start acquiring charge after they turn on the Airplane mode. Maybe you should give it a try as well.
3. Some users also say they keep their iPads connected to the wall unit overnight before things get back to normal.

However, if the iPad is still not getting charged, you know you have a problem at hand, and getting in touch with a reliable Apple service centre in Gurgaon could be the best option under the circumstances.

iPad battery charging slowly

Your iPad is designed to take no more than three hours to recharge fully, or four hours at the most if you are using an older device. However, if it is taking longer than that, here are a couple of things you can do.

Update your iPad

1. Make sure you are running the latest version of the iPadOS.
2. To update, got to Settings > General > Software Update
3. If you see any update available, download and install the same.

Apple also issues regular fixes to deal with such problems.

Keep ports clean

Sometimes, the presence of grime or dust does not allow a clean connection to be made. So, keep the ports as well as the adapter connections clean. That said, don’t try to clean the ports forcefully, as you might end up damaging the same.

Prevent exposure to extremely hot or cold conditions

Subjecting the iPad to extremely hot or cold conditions can be detrimental to its optimum performance, including that of its battery. While your battery might take longer to recharge under such conditions, it might even get damaged in the long run if the tablet is exposed to temperatures outside of the recommended range for an extended period of time.

Refrain from using the tablet whilst it is on charge

The is particularly true for power hogging apps like games or editing apps that have a significant impact on battery life.

All of the above should come in handy while dealing with battery issues in your iPad. However, if things do not change for the better with the above steps, contacting a trusted Apple service centre in Gurgaon is recommended.


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