Interior designers reinvent a hospital’s aesthetic

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Hospitals and healthcare facilities improve the lives of their patients, and their interior design should stand for this. Majority of hospitals have tried to enhance their interiors by doing some basic things like installing light pastel art on their walls. It definitely can be improved though. There is strong evidence that interior design can be a part of the healing process. An article titled “ Better aesthetics in hospital can make happier and healthier patients”, states that “mounting clinical evidence suggests that better design can improve patient’s health and that aesthetically pleasing design also serves to improve the morale of the patient”. Best hospital interior designers in Chennai helps to do this. Hiring an interior designer for hospitals is thus imperative. An interior designer for a hospital should do the following-

  1. Design bold aesthetics-

The interiors are your first impression upon entering a hospital. Seeing bold aesthetics will immediately make you feel this place is different from other hospitals or medical facilities. Stark designs improve the overall look and feel of a room while helping to reduce anxiety associated with visiting any hospital or medical facility.

  1. Stick to a common theme-

Cramming way too many types of design in a room creates a “busy” look and makes the room appear smaller and really cluttered. Modern, contemporary, rustic, colorful, and dull, don’t mix well together. Choose one only. Hospitals try to create an atmosphere of peace and calm. Busy designs do the opposite and create confusion and stress.

  1. Compartmentalize designs-

Multiple designs should not be included in one room; however different types of designs in different rooms can be experimented with. Cartoon mural can be used in a room or section of a facility for children while geometric acoustic tiles can be used in an adult room.

  1. Pay attention to waiting areas-

Waiting areas of a hospital have cold, hard chairs and hardly have any basic interior design. Color should be added to furnishings and décor in the waiting room should be colorful, seating should be comfortable yet easy to clean and the walls should be beautiful while being modern and cutting down noise.

  1. Get the outdoors inside-

Trees, plants, flowers heighten the atmosphere of an indoor room. Having these in the entrance of a hospital allows a seamless transition from the outdoors to the indoors. These elements should not only be placed at the entrance but also throughout the facility.

  1. Have an idea when to use color-

Knowing when to use color makes a huge difference. For example use bright colors in a children’s hospital. A children’s hospital should have a child like atmosphere and thus should include bright colors. An interior designer should make a visitor feel comfortable in a hospital.

  1. Form and function should be balanced-

Hospitals are concerned with the mobility of their patients and furniture should be designed to accommodate this. For example hospitals should have wheel chair accessibility in their floor plans.

Top hospital interior designers in Chennai should be able to decorate a hospital in above mentioned ways.


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