Importance of Employment Verification Check

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People applying for jobs don’t always give accurate personal information. According to one report, about 57.7% of people share exaggerated or incorrect information about their previous employers, while 19.3% lie about their educational qualifications. There are also other fields where wrong details are given such as medical history, personal details etc.

You as an employer must do your due diligence before onboarding a new client. This is where employee verification and background checks become important.

What is Employee Verification?

Background verification of an employee is the process organisations use to verify the identity and other details provided by a candidate while applying for a job. Employers carry out employee screenings because they are exposing themselves to risks and liability by allowing a new person into their network.

Your business, existing employees, stakeholders, clients and vendors are a part of your organisational network. A new employee and any risk they carry will affect all of these people and your credibility in the market. For this, you mustn’t accept candidate information as the truth immediately. You must carry out a detailed background check before reaching a conclusion.

Types of Background Checks:

There are different employee verification checks that employers carry out before employing a new person. The most important ones are

  • Police records
  • Physical and medical history
  • Credit score verification
  • Screening social media accounts
  • Personal information verification
  • Academic qualification checks
  • Employment history verification

The Employee Verification Process:

Before conducting any kind of checks, employers need to get permission from the candidate in question. Candidates are allowed to say no to requests like contacting past employers, but they are still required to share salary or taxation documentation as proof of their employment. The same can be asked for if you are unable to reach the employer or if they have gone out of business. Companies that offer verification services use the guidelines you provide to carry out such background checks.

There are different guidelines followed by different employers. While some verify a time period (for example, they verify the past few years of employment), others verify a certain number of past employers (for example, they might check up on the last three employers).

Importance of Employment Verification:

Many times, applicants might have gaps in their employment records. There are many reasons for this, such as maternity leave, starting a business venture, conviction or returning to school.

Many times, applicants tend to close these gaps by extending the joining or releasing dates of their previous organisations. Some also use the wrong titles or designations to get paid more. A report by HireRight Benchmarking revealed that 86% of employers were able to find falsified information given by candidates, using background verification processes.

Employment verification helps you to understand and get more insight into the life of a future employee, understand their working habits, strengths, weaknesses and attitude towards work. The job market is getting increasingly competitive and employees who are not updated with market trends struggle to keep up. An employee verification process helps you to identify the best person to fill up space in your organisation. It helps to vet information and candidate background to make sure you are hiring the right person.

Background Check Services:

There are service providers that help you to conduct employee verification checks. If your company is hiring national or international employees, you might find it hard to gather sufficient information within the time that you need it. Hence it makes sense to use one of these service providers. They follow the best industry practices, carry out in-depth checks and help you find the most suitable candidate for the job at hand


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