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Many users want to have a synchronization among their various iCloud services and want to access their information from there only. So, if you want to access your Outlook contacts from iCloud then you must synchronize both of them and you have to then Import Outlook Contacts to iCloud. In today’s time, people are not satisfied with a specific cloud service, they then have multiple cloud services for personal or business works. Also, ransomware is increasing day-by-day thus you have to protect your personal information and keep it in a more secured environment i.e., to a cloud-based service.

iCloud is a cloud-based service that stores your images, documents, contacts, and music. iCloud not only stores your Outlook Contacts but also backup your information so that it couldn’t be lost in the future. So, importing your Outlook Contacts to iCloud may secure the contacts from future threats. Import Outlook Contacts to iCloud is a significant step in the process, but most people do not know the right technique to do so. In this article, we will assist you with the most reliable and trusted methods to Convert Outlook Contacts to iCloud.

This blog highlights and provides 100% safe options for you to Move Outlook OLM Contact to iCloud easily and effortlessly. There are 2-Full Proof Methods to transfer Outlook contacts to iCloud instantly. Now let’s first look at the queries of the users in the below section.


Here are some of the major problems faced by the users and queries regarding how to Import Outlook Contacts to iCloud: –

  • A user enquired and asked us “I use Outlook but while traveling I use Mac Machine for office works. I want to access the Outlook PST contacts from anywhere, so my friends suggested I Migrate Outlook Contacts to iCloud. But I don’t know to convert the same.”
  • Another user posted and reached out to us stating “I’ve been using Outlook applications but was facing errors in opening the same. Thus, I do not want my data to get corrupted, thus, I want to Import Outlook Contacts to iCloud.”

Manually Import Outlook Contacts to iCloud easily

There is a 2-Step process to transfer outlook contacts to iCloud, thus users have to perform this detailed and time-consuming procedure. First, you have to export Outlook PST file to CSV format, and then from CSV format, you have to convert to vCard which is supported by iCloud. Follow the below-mentioned steps to manually do so: –

Step 1: Export Outlook Contacts in CSV file format.

Before starting with the process, you have to export all the Outlook Contacts to your PC. Follow the steps to export Outlook Contacts: –

  1. Open Outlook application on your System.
  2. Then on the top-left corner of the display, you can see the App Launcher icon. Click on the App Launcher and then from the options click on People.
  3. The entire address book of the Outlook application would be displayed. Then click on the Manage button situated on the top of the names.
  4. From the drop-down menu, you then need to choose the Export contacts options from there.
  5. Then you will be provided with 2-options to export it. You can choose the entire contacts or choose specific contacts. Then click Export after choosing your option.

You will then see your files in CSV format. You have to then convert the CSV file to a vCard file which is supported by iCloud.

Step 2: Convert Contacts to vCard

As Mac users, to complete this procedure, you have to need a Gmail Account.

  1. You need to import the CSV to your Gmail Account. Then you need to export the contacts in vCard format.

Limitations of Common Method: There are various restrictions and glitches in the Manual Method. Here are some of them: –

  • In the Manual Procedure, the vCard file produced will be in version 2.1 thus which is not supported by iCloud.
  • The Gmail account is mandatory for Mac users, you need to have an activated Gmail Account.
  • The process might get failed even after following it completely.

Alternative Solution for you – Smartest Technique

To overcome the loopholes of the Manual Method we have the Unrivalled Tool, CSV to vCard Converter for Mac. This tool will directly import Outlook Contacts to iCloud you do not need to perform the tedious task for it. The method is really simple and direct. You can Export multiple Outlook Contacts to iCloud without any glitches and errors.

The Tool converts Outlook Contacts to the latest versions of vCard which is very well supported by iCloud. The tool easily converts in quick time and with efficient results. The method uploads Outlook Contacts using the dual-mode which is bulk or selective file.  Here are some of the exotic features of the tool listed: –

  • The tool gives you a dual mode to select Outlook PST files which is the Bulk method or selective method.
  • There is no limitation on the number of Outlook files to be uploaded.
  • The utility maintains and preserves the folder’s hierarchy and prevents it from any loss.
  • The tool produces vCard files which is very well supported by iCloud.
  • The software supports all the latest versions of Mac OS.

Guide to Import Outlook Contacts to iCloud

Follow the below-mentioned steps: –

1. Start the software, CSV to vCard Converter on Mac.

2. Then add CSV files to the software using Add file (s) or Add folder (s) options.

3. Then select the destination path according to your requirement.

4. And from the Saving option select vCard file format.

Import Outlook Contacts to iCloud

5. Then click on the Export button to proceed further.

In few minutes you will get the converted CSV files in VCF format.

Wrapping up

The blog shows you the reliable techniques to Import Outlook Contacts to iCloud. There are 2-methods for you to follow, the first is the Manual Method which comes with loopholes, to avoid these we have the trusted solution. MacUncle CSV to vCard Converter this tool converts your file easily without glitches in just a few minutes. You can blindly rely on it.


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