Imagining a Single Day Without Facebook and WhatsApp Today

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A Need for Communication Today

We all are surrounded by key elements of globalization factors today that have led us to different situations and scenarios in which we have to interact with others as a basic need. Without proper interaction and communication, we might not be able to reach the desired targets and objectives set initially in life or within the professional aspect. Hence, communication plays an important role in everyday life which cannot be ignored and it needs to be assisted to a particular extent where the hassles can be minimized and the convenience and ease could be increased significantly. Communication is needed for different situations. Be it for professional requirements which can be related to everyday business solutions or even for social and personal use. Without formal or informal communication, our day could certainly go dry and possibly useless.

Key Developments of Modern Communication Methods

When it comes to communication, remembering the old days, was a great hassle. Earlier, a neighborhood had a single landline device installed in a home that could afford it and it had called for everyone in the society. Soon, landlines were made convenient and they could be installed in every home for better assistance and services. Later, cellular phones were invented although they were very expensive yet their use was significant and life was made much easier. Having a communication device in pockets was an opportunity to contact anyone on the go and soon its emergence was anticipated with positive efforts which led to the minimization of cellular tariffs.

Similarly, back in 2008, the beginning of the smartphone era was witnessed in which two major brands stepped forward with the idea and these were SAMSUNG and APPLE. The idea of a smartphone summed up a combination of a computer system and a cellular phone in a single device referred to as the smartphone which operated with the help of an operating system. Two popular operating systems of the time which are being relied extensively on today are Android by Google and APPLE’s iOS.

These platforms offered the users numerous services. From surfing the internet, enjoying entertainment on the go to communicating within social circles, its use became a trend and every other individual had been found saving sufficient reserves so that they can afford one too, knowing the fact that such devices were quite expensive in the beginning.

Communication Aided through Smartphones

Besides using smartphones to surf the internet and enjoy tonnes of smart applications available on the official stores of these smart platforms, the smartphone users were able to communicate with their loved ones and within their social circles with the use of internet facility over mobile internet (DATA) and Wi-Fi. Social applications which were already being tested and were not much common had an opportunity towards gaining popularity and soon smart devices became compatible with running these applications smoothly. Some of these applications include WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, Skype, Messenger, etc.

These were the trending social platforms of their time and luckily, they have managed to keep up their image till today having a huge demand from the consumer segments. Today, WhatsApp and Facebook have already been downloaded billions of times according to the statistics previewed on different application markets.

The Significance of WhatsApp and Facebook as Social Communication Platforms

Following in-depth study and analysis, a recent report completed and published by the experienced researchers and writers of Assignment Writing Services reveals the facts that WhatsApp and Facebook have been the most useful applications for the past 10 years. Despite numerous other socializing applications being developed and made available in the application’s market, users are automatically attracted to these applications because of their user experience, the services they offer and the reliability consumers have been regarding since their initiation.

Both the platforms are vividly known for their communication assist services. WhatsApp offers its users a complete, discrete and unique experience of communicating with other users, maintaining safety, security and secrecy while aiming for a realistic interaction approach. Recent developments in the application now allow users not just voice or video call with a single person, but with more than one person at the same time in conference groups. That is truly an amazing feature that is forward-looking and can be adopted in multiple scenarios, especially for commercial and business purposes. But what leads WhatsApp in its market is its safety and security considerations having end-to-end encryption associated which gives additional surety to the users.

Similarly, Facebook offers services more than just communication. Perhaps it is the best socializing platform where you can kill your spare time and not know the actual screen-time you had been working. It is an addiction where you can meet new people, connect with old friends and have a glimpse of what others are doing.

Imagining a Day Without Facebook and WhatsApp

Honestly, a day is way more whereas there are people who cannot even imagine an hour without using Facebook or WhatsApp. As mentioned earlier, these platforms develop a sort of addiction whereas even if there are no notifications or updates, you still are convinced to open the applications once every five minutes, just to satisfy your urge of addiction.

However, WhatsApp is one of the most convenient methods of communication today, especially for people situated in two different regions. Hence, physical distances are minimized through the availability of communicating over the internet while being able to share images, videos and audio clips to keep connected uniquely is the key attraction, not letting you away from the platform for long.

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