If You Think Web And Graphic Design Are Same, You Are Wrong. Know Why!

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While the terms may sound similar, they’re both completely unique! Now, we’re sure you may have queried Google for Graphic designers near me,” even though you required a web designer. 


Yes, the confusion is common and most of us have it. 


Now, to break it down for you, the term ‘Graphic design’ transforms linguistic messages into visual manifestations, and web design involves developing and designing a website to attract a target audience. 


But, that’s just a basic point of distinction. Interestingly, there’s more! Continue reading as we delve into the difference between the two. 

There Are Some Significant Differences Between Graphic Design and Web Design Which Are As Follows-

  • Difference in skills –


Now, before you reach out to Google to type ‘Graphic Designers near me’, it’s important to find the most fundamental difference between graphic and web designing. Their uniqueness is based on the required skills. 


Graphic designs involve artistic skills, but web designs require technical skills like a good grip on HTML, CSS.

  • Difference in interactions – 


Web designs are more interactive as compared to graphic designs. Web designs can be videos or lead to new websites and be moving while you can only touch and feel it in graphic designs. It’s mostly static and doesn’t change or move.

  • Typography – 


Managing the fonts is a tedious job for web designers. While developing the website, he might use a kind of font in CSS, but if the user’s system doesn’t support it, it won’t register the difference and would read it as the in-built default font. 


In graphic designs, whatever the font is used, it will be exported and printed in that same form.

  • Difference in approach –


Graphic designers have a creative aspect to everything. Their challenges include putting out thoughts in an art form. But the web designers have a broader approach to it. While developing the website, they have to ensure that none of their designs or fonts are scaled-down and the thing remains intact even when the interface is changed. They also have to take care of the constraints on sizes.

  • Continuity –


The web designs require continuous effort to keep everything updated and relevant, while the graphic design neither requires any change nor can be changed. 

  • Relationship with the audience – 


Web designers have to constantly keep track of the needs and interests of the audience to increase the website’s traffic. So for creating relevant content, he has to be active. The graphic designs, as mentioned, are static forms of art hence have no feature of changing their relevance according to the needs.

  • Correction of errors – 


It is impossible to correct any mistake in graphic designs, while it’s just a matter of no time to correct mistakes in fonts or texts in web designs.

  • Tools used – 


The tools used for graphic designs and web designs are separate too. Graphic designs need tools like Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, while Web designs require tools like WordPress, Dreamweaver. 


The mode is different, too, like traditional paper and pen for graphic designs, but web designs are based online. However, one can also create graphic designs digitally on drawing pads or tabs using Adobe Illustrator.



Now that you have a clear idea about the difference between both forms of designing, we hope you’ll search “graphic designers near me” or “web designers near me” on the correct occasions.




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