ICF ACSTH: What to expect after successful completion of the program

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The International Coaching Federation or ICF has built an unimpeachable reputation in accrediting professional coaches.  They not only help accredit but also empower coaches by providing them access to an ever- growing community of peers as well as resources to continue learning and growing in their coaching career. ICF accredited coaches are seen as credible and knowledgeable leading to a greater trust being placed in coaches who have an ICF accreditation.

ICF offers several pathways for individuals to embark on their journey to acquiring an ICF accreditation like ACTP and ACSTH. Applicants are often confused about the pathway they should follow.

Why choose ACSTH Pathway for ICF accreditation? 

The ACSTH pathway is one of the pathways offered by ICF for coaches to get ICF certified. Aspiring coaches on completing all the requirements of the ICF ACSTH can apply for Associate Certified Coach (ACC) or Professional Certified Coach (PCC) from ICF.  This pathway offers flexibility to coaches to move towards credentials in a step by step manner depending upon their time availability.

Who should apply for the ACSTH pathway?

The ACSTH pathway is available for any one who wants to become a skilled professional coach including leaders, entrepreneurs and consultants who wish to develop their coaching skills to a professional level. The program is ideal for professionals who want to become coaches within or outside organisations or for highly driven individuals who wish to blend coaching skills in their current careers.

The ACSTH pathway is ideal for

  • Anyone wanting to acquire an ACC/PCC coaching credential
  • Anyone who wants to strengthen their skills as coach in order to improve how they communicate and manage their teams
  • Anyone wanting to go on a personal voyage of self -discovery, development and growth
  • Anyone wanting to build the capacity of their organisation and the people who work there.

Details of ACSTH coaching

ICF ACSTH is an ICF Core Competencies-based program.  The minimum classroom training hours are 60 hours of coach training for ACC and 65- hours for PCC. The ICF ACSTH program comprises synchronized (mentor-interaction training) and asynchronized training (self-study hours).  Students are required to complete 100 hours of coaching sessions (for ACC) and 500 hours of coaching sessions (for PCC).

ICF ACSTH coaching mentors are ICF-accredited mentors. They have to be ICF certified and have experience in the field of coaching.

Once the training hours and all requirements by ICF are met, students have to directly apply to ICF for performance evaluation, submitting all the necessary documents. ICF then sends a link to the student for appearing on an online exam CKA (Coach Knowledge Assessment). On clearing the same, the coach then receives appropriate credentials from ICF.

 What to expect after successful completion of the program?                                    

The ACSTH pathway is an ideal pathway for busy professionals to acquire a coaching accreditation.

On completion of all the requirements of the ACSTH pathway, coaches can expect to

  • To have received all the knowledge and training needed to apply to ICF for their ICF ACC or PCC accreditation.
  • To become professional coaches who can work with clients on helping them solve their problems as well as achieving their potential.
  • To have acquired skills in coaching people in a professional role as a leader or supporter of the organisation.
  • To achieve recognition as a certified ICF Coach, and gain credibility in their industry and professional sphere of influence.
  • To become a lifelong member of ICF, gain access to the ICF peer network of fellow coaches and obtain access to invites to ICF events.

Once certified, Coaches can help people on their path in life while also building a fulfilling career for themselves. The ACSTH pathway in summary provides for a self – paced path to becoming a coach.  It takes participants on a journey of self- discovery and enhances their coaching skills. It also paves the way to building connections with other ICF coaches across the globe.


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