Human Hair Wigs Vs Synthetic Wigs

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You might feel overwhelmed while picking out a wig for yourself due to the numerous styles, brands, types, colours, and so on. It is tough if you’re choosing a wig for the first time. However, you have nothing to worry about; we got you covered! This guide will explain the difference between wigs made out of human hair and synthetic wigs.

Difference Between Human Hair & Synthetic Hair Wigs

Wigs are primarily made out of two different materials, human hair and synthetic hair wig. Human hair wigs, or natural wigs, are harvested human hair and are this actual hair. On the contrary, synthetic wigs are made from synthetic fibres created using technology that gives it the feel of natural hair. Over the years, this technology has become very sophisticated, and you will find that this hair is of the same quality, if not better than natural human hair.

Human Hair Wigs


1. Texture

Wholesale wigs human hair come in numerous textures, such as silky, soft, sandy, and rough. You can choose a texture that is closest to yours or even something that’s the opposite. The point is that there are a lot of choices here.

2. Natural Look

Human hair wigs look and feel entirely like natural hair.

3. Longevity

They can last over a year with reasonable care, even while worn daily.

4. Stylish Versatility

Most human hair wigs can be dyed, permed, and styled like naturally growing hair. Note that you must visit a skilled stylist to get the best job done.


1. Costly

These wigs tend to be more costly as they are obtained from real humans.

2. Fragile

They are more susceptible to damage than synthetic hair wigs.

3. Weight

They tend to be heavier than synthetic hair wigs.

4. Labor Intensive

It takes a lot of effort and skill to style well.

Synthetic Hair Wigs


 1. Easy Care

Unlike human hair wigs, there is a feature called style retention in these wigs, and after being washed and dried, they return to their original style. They are unaffected by weather and other phenomena.

2. Cost

They are cheaper than human hair wigs.

3. Low Maintenance

You will not have to put much effort into maintaining them. If you have very little free time, it is a great option.

4. Colour Selection

You will get these wigs in various colours and styles at reasonable prices, as they are readily available.


1. Unnatural Look

Synthetic wigs that are on the cheaper side have an unnatural glow and shine to them.

2. Longevity

These wigs last only for approximately half a year.

3. Versatility

You will not be able to style it, as they have the style retention feature. Only the expensive heat friendly wigs can be styled. Also, you cannot dye it and change its colours, which can be inconvenient as you will have to purchase many wigs if you prefer different colours.


Wholesale wigs human hair come in many sizes and shapes, and even different types. If you require any wig, there is a plethora of choice, and you can pick the style and type that suit you best.


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