How to Wear Skinny Jeans and Shirt this Summer?

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Skinny jeans have now developed to be much more helpful and friendly to the general male wardrobe. Fashion has been increasing rapidly, and there are different types of outfits for men. But skinny jeans play a vital role in the fashion world and it has been awarded as one of the most polarizing trends. A versatile wardrobe staple, mens skinny jeans can be easily incorporated into outfits throughout the seasons to achieve different looks. If you are a person who is in love with the skinny jeans fit, then know the ways to wear jeans in different methods. Here are the ways to wear skinny jeans and a shirt this summer.

Types of the skinny jeans

You may have confused about the best skinny jeans to buy. It is great to know about skinny jeans and their types initially. There are two major types of skinny jeans in today’s fashion trends. 

Spray on skinny jeans

These jeans are super slim and will show off every sculpted curve of your legs in a stylish way. If endless squats and leg presses have left you with big muscular legs, then this type of jeans can make the best flattering option for you. When you wear the spray-on skinny jeans, it provides you confidence and comfort. It is advisable to avoid the spray-on jeans if you have thick legs and not muscular legs. Even if they fit comfortably, they may not look good on you as they tend to draw attention to any untoned areas.

Standard skinny jeans

These styles are the more familiar version of skinny jeans, which dominate today’s menswear scene. It is designed to hug the thighs with a slight taper towards the lower part of the leg. They are much less wrapped and more fitted. All types of men can utilize it. Whether they are short or tall, toned or untoned, these jeans can enhance their look and suits on them. It is simple to style and makes them a great choice for those who are not too confident in their fashion choices. If you have large calves or ankles, then it may fit you. 

Skinny jeans style

When you have the perfect pair of jeans, you need to style them uniquely. There are lots of ideas that you can wear skinny jeans along with men’s casual shirts on these summer days. Your appearance may be achieved when you follow these ideas. Be aware of the length of your shirt and other top wear. Choosing one that covers your jeans’ waistband will help you create a slimmer appearance and disguise any stomach bulges.

Skinny jeans with a collared shirt

It is a simple way to dress up with skinny jeans and a collared shirt. If you are going to buy a collared shirt that is the same colour as your jeans, make sure there is variation in tone and texture. The layering consolidations are infinite here, whether you prefer a particular layer like a denim shirt or throw on a flannel shirt over a t-shirt. Try to keep the colour of your skinny jeans different to your top. The combination of blue jeans and a white shirt will never fade out of fashion. The simplest way to wear a white shirt with a pair of jeans will do just fine. A bright white fitted shirt over a nice pair of navy blue jeans along with cool sneakers is the best combination. 

Skinny jeans with a blazer

When it comes to a professional look or office look, standard skinny jeans will work wonders for your casual Friday’s look. Indigo is the common skinny jeans colour, and also it is the most versatile jeans. If you want to dress up for the office, pair skinny jeans including anything from a grey blazer to a black blazer to navy. It is best to consider brown colour shoes because the black colour shoes won’t match the skinny indigo jeans as it goes against the more casual aesthetic.

Double denim shirt

The double denim shirts are very best to wear wherever you go. If you have done it correctly can create an interesting and different look. You can pick the best denim jeans for men that you need, but if you want a more uniformed look, choose one that is lighter than your jeans, as overall, a light top half with a darker bottom looks more balanced. Roll up your shirt sleeve and tuck your denim into your skinny jeans with a sleek pencil belt complete with a well-polished shoe and a tote bag. This look can be functionally for almost all occasions, particularly when moving for a street wear inspired look.

Final thoughts

Men’s fashion has several accessories that can be matched with each of these looks based on the day you are sporting the look. The accessories include sunglasses, belts, watches, and caps according to what you deem to find fit to accompany your look. Keep these dressing ideas and be a fashion icon. Follow these combinations of skinny jeans and shirts to grab attention.


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