how to watch madness NCAA basketball games online?

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As the NCAA Tournament is here, many people will be checking the various platforms they can use. But being a digital world, the majority will prefer online streaming. But do you know how to watch the ncaa basketball games online. The cable-cutters have a myriad of options they can use to experience NCAA Basketball without a TV.

There are several channels such as Turner Sports and— TNT, TBS, and truTV. All these will televise the 2021 NCAA Tournament and many other specific sites and streaming-only sites. Most of these will not need a TV subscription.

And just before the first round of the NCAA Tournament tips off, the conversation will be hot around the country, with most people asking, “What channel was truTV and whatnots?” 

So, you can spoil yourself by channel-hopping from one game to the other, or you can go all out with multiple TVs. But something you don’t want to miss is streaming some of this year’s tournaments.

And apart from broadcasting these on Turner Sports Networks (TNT, CBS, truTV, and TBS, you can also stream the games on and NCAA’s March Madness Live site or use a cable or your streaming provider. 

Another effective procedure you can use is to download the NCAA March Madness Live app. Both are accessible on Android, IOS, and Google Play stores, and start streaming the Tournament. Many people use these two platforms, so it becomes a more accessible option for many. When you use the app, you get up to three free hours of streaming. But to continue, you’ll need a cable or a streaming provider so you can continue watching the games.

 Who to Look Out for?

 Now let the battle begin as Baylor takes on Gonzaga on Monday. These are the top two college basket teams in the country who, after facing each other, will have a chance to take home the 2021 National Championship trophy.

Gonzaga and Baylor are the number one seeds this year after surviving the swings and shifts of the NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball Tournament. But the big question is who will emerge as the winner and take the title home. The current reigning champion for 2019 is the University of Virginia Cavaliers.   

The University of Virginia Cavaliers is the reigning champions, hoisting the trophy in 2019 (the 2020 tournament, no one took the trophy in 2020 due to Covid effects. The game got cancelled.

TV Channel to watch March Madness

If you’re wondering how to watch madness NCAA basketball games online, remember CBS has been the official home to March Madness on TV and continues to do so. And if you have a cable package, you can watch Baylor vs. Gonzaga on CBS. You need to save the date as the schedule of the March Madness championship game starts to air on April 5, 2021, while the broadcast commences at 9:20 pm EST.

How do you watch it if you don’t have a cable?

You’ll have other options if you’re without a cable. All you need is a digital antenna, which you can get from most electrical stores or Amazon. And you can access an entire full HD for free. It can reach up to 200 miles, where they can pick your local stations. Then you can access CBS for free, plus other significant networks, in full HD. So you only need to purchase the antenna once and continue enjoying the March Madness basketball on CBS for free.

And for those who wish to catch the action live can get the single-game tickets that are available, though limited. And they can head to Indianapolis. Due to Covid’s precautions, the venues will have a reduced capacity to ensure the social distancing is in effect at all of the games. You can get your March Madness tickets online. If you’re not sure where to go, try re-sale sites such as Vivid Seats and Stubhub.

Live streaming options.

As more and more people continue asking how to watch madness NCAA basketball games online, we’ve decided to give you some live streaming choices for the 2021 NCAA Tournament:

March Madness live streams 2021

Due to the extension of the 2021 NCAA Tournament, it’s impossible to have a single station broadcasting or one network. That’s why you find CBS the previous home of March Madness, and Turner Sports covering the Tournament, and a few others. CBS will be showing 24 games, as Turner Sports airs the First Four games. So, CBS divides the live broadcast from the first round straight to the Elite Eight.

And according to a 2016 agreement, networks should alternate broadcast rights for those yearly rounds. Therefore, CBS carries the Final Four and the national title game.  

Let’s look at those live stream’s options:

One of those is Hulu Plus Live TV, including CBS and TBS. If you’re in doubt, Hulu’s live TV package has a pack of one-week trials after signup.

What about watching on AT&T TV Now?

Though this does not have a free trial, AT&T TV Now has Turner Broadcasting System, including CBS. 

What about watching it on Sling TV?

Here you can partly watch just like FuboTV. However, now Sling TV includes Turner Broadcasting System (TBS) but not CBS in its base packages.

How can you watch the 2021 NCAA Tournament for free? 

College basketball fans shouldn’t miss any action of this significant Tournament. If anyone has a cable subscription, they can access the free action via NCAA March Madness Live.

And you’ll find most of the streaming sites carrying the NCAA March Madness, or part of this Tournament, including Paramount+, Hulu Plus Live TV, FuboTV, and YouTube TV, providing free offers to the audience. 

Can I watch the 2021 NCAA Tournament on YouTube TV?

Oh, yes. Anyone wondering how to watch madness NCAA basketball games online? Go to YouTube TV as it includes CBS and Turner Broadcasting System (TBS) in its package. So, you can sign up for YouTube TV and get a free trial of two weeks of enjoying the NCAA Tournament.

 How to Watch the 2021 NCAA Tournament Online (Free)?

  • If you’re an online person trying to figure out how to watch madness basketball games online, take these three steps and get ready for a roller-coaster of the March Madness finale online. These are free streaming services where you can keep up with your fellow sports fans. 
  •  Stream March Madness on Hulu + Live TV

Sign up for Hulu and take advantage of the 7-day free trial before the price goes back to $64.99/month. You get the Live TV deal and watch live TV, including CBS, TNT, TBS, and TruTV. All you need is to sign up so you can access the live stream of the March Madness games online.  

  •  Stream March Madness on FuboTV

FuboTV is one of the best live-streaming services where you get a seven-day free trial after signing up. Though FuboTV includes CBS, it has dropped Turner Broadcasting System (TBS). You also access post-game coverage on these channels; ESPN, ESPN U, NBCSN, FS1, PAC 12 Network, and more. Even as you enjoy the free offer, for just $64.99 per month, you can spoil yourself with more than 100 live TV channels.  

  • Stream March Madness on Paramount+

Someone may be wondering, isn’t this the former CBS All-Access. You’re right. It’s the one now known as Paramount+, where you get to stream all the CBS games. And guess what? You get a free trial for up to 30 days. That’s right. Not only will you watch the March Madness NCAA basketball games, but you can continue watching Paramount+’s content after the Tournament. You can do so through whichever gadget you can access. Whether it’s your mobile phone, computer, or your connected TV, you’ll have a blast.

So, you can access these streaming services through your Amazon Fire TV device. And you know how else you can have fun while watching the Tournament? Get informed. Ask Alexa anything regarding March Madness, and you’ll get it. For instance, if you want to know who is the top seed for March Madness, ask Alexa.

Can I watch March Madness from any part of the world? 

March Madness may find you out of your country, where you usually stream it for free. Now, you’re wondering if it’s possible to watch it from wherever you are, as the excitement is on the roof.

If you’re outside the U.S., Australia, U.K., and Canada, you might not be able to access the men’s basketball tournament. 

In Conclusion and that’s how to watch madness basketball games online, folks. And the best thing is that you can watch the tournaments from whatever device you have. Whether it is a TV, a smartphone, or a computer, you can do so. You’ve got limitless options, and it’s up to you to utilize them. So, take advantage of the free trials and proceed with the payments plan if you wish to. Then, enjoy the March Madness Tournament.


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