How to Use Social Media Marketing Platform for Your Business?

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By the end of 2016, companies are still making social media a priority in their marketing efforts, with 2.8 billion individuals utilizing social media. Although social media marketing is a good advertising tool and technique, some companies are doing the wrong thing.

Brands and companies of different sizes err in trying to be involved in all major social media networks. In principle, you have the opportunity to reach more clients on every platform.

You cannot find time to be active on every social media site if you are busy running your business. Reducing your options to a few platforms will enable you to concentrate your efforts and make the most return on your time investment. So, how do you select your company’s finest social media platform?

How to Select Social Media Marketing Platform?

Whether you look for a digital marketing agency Dubai or wish to boost your business with internal marketing, here are a few tips to help you.

Identify Your Social Marketing Needs

Without knowing why you are engaged in social media, you cannot restrict your social platform options. There are several marketing goals that may be achieved using social media. There are countless promotional opportunities with social media. You won’t know what social media platforms can assist you to reach them without recording your objectives. Identify what you want to achieve with social media before you start a complete social strategy.

Assess Your Target Audience

The first step is to determine who your crowd is. You want to be as detailed as possible because it will facilitate your selection. Write down the answers to the questions below:

  • Who’s your traditional client?
  • They’re how old?
  • Are they husband or wife?
  • What are your income and your degree of education? ● What do you want outside your product and service?

To assist create a profile for your audience, use the answers to these questions (and any other relevant questions that could be related to your company and industry).

Analyze Your Industry

For some sectors, some social media platforms function better than others. Visual channels such as Instagram and Snapchat, for example, are great for sectors such as coating, cooking, and the arts. Professional networks like Twitter and LinkedIn, on the other hand, are excellent for B2B firms seeking relationships and information sharing.

Check your competitors’ social media networks. This helps you to identify which channels your brand needs to use. Also, observe your rivals’ social media content techniques. Knowledge of the social media strategy of your competition helps aid you in establishing your own networks by exposing possibilities and flaws in your brand.

Select Social Media Platform After Research

It is time to discover your public, know that you have your audience profiles and goals determined. To accomplish this, you will decide which platform your audience utilizes by looking at users’ demographics on each network. You will also want to evaluate the way your audience is engaged on this platform.


Facebook boasts more than 2.7 billion users—which is more than China’s population! It is crucial to remember, amid all that commotion, how people use Facebook: to establish ties with old friends. Facebook is, therefore, an excellent medium to create your current consumer base’s loyalty. The disadvantage of Facebook is that it might be difficult to reach a new public; your posts are confined to reach your existing networks because of their vast numbers.


Instagram is among a young public, particularly among the fastest expanding platforms. The concept of hiring an Instagram marketing agency is getting popular with every passing day for its growth.

Instagram relies on, like Pinterest, conversation images or videos. This platform, therefore, performs extremely well for visual companies, such as art, cuisine, retail, and beauty. Since there is a growing platform, the noise of Facebook is less pronounced. This makes it beneficial for the platform to generate leads because your reach is broader.



Pinterest is used to scrapbook or save information to a virtual newsletter board by pinning images or videos. Pinterest’s population is dominated by female users. Recipes and ideas of style, captivating photos, and DIY projects are some of the most frequent pins. Because Pinterest is a site that is visually focused, you need excellent visuals for users. Pinterest was successful in using the company with high retail sales.

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