How to use Reddit for social media marketing?

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There is no doubt that we have a wide variety of social media marketing platforms that Facebook majorly shares with 2.23 billion monthly active users. However, according to Statista, the other major contributors to social media marketing are YouTube (1.9 bn MAUS), WhatsApp (1.5 bn MAUs), and Messenger (1.3 bn MAUs), WeChat (1.06 bn MAUs), Instagram (1 bn MAUs). These are the statistics that most of us would know as there has been a sharp increase in online presence during COVID-19 and lockdown. There is striking news for you. Reddit is soon going to join the league with its 330 million monthly active users. Reddit for social media marketing will be trending in 2021.
For digital marketing, most of the businesses go for the top of the list platforms. Why not think out of the box and work out of the box? If you are looking for such out of the box SMM Services, Navicosoft is the place.
Let’s dive deeper, what it is bringing to us and how the users will be utilizing Reddit for social media marketing purposes.

Insights about Reddit

Reddit, just like the other SMM platforms, is a self-promoted front page of the internet. It is dual in its style, such as it works both as a web form and as a new site. It offers its users an opportunity to interact by posting questions, images, and inks. Users discuss and vote up or down for the posts, and based on votes, content gets to the top. Otherwise, it just vanishes away. One of the amazing facts about Reddit is that its audience majorly comprises of youth. Furthermore, there are especially dedicated communities for each topic, such as Politics, Gaming, News, and Marketing.
Social media marketing focused on valuable outputs requires a proper strategy. To devise a lead and conversions generating plan, you need to know the platform’s basic tactics. Here are some techniques you need to see if you seek to use Reddit for SMM Marketing Services.

Some tips for Reddit social media marketing

To devise a success-oriented strategy, understanding the algorithm of your SMM platform is the basic strategy. A careful analysis of the longitudinal and horizontal study of the Reddit algorithm hands over some useful insights. Such as:

Character count

Optimization according to the algorithm is a must. It is a well-known truth that the headings or tagline of your content matter the most. With Reddit, the headlines ranging from 60-80 characters get you the most upvotes. Moreover, the optimum range for character count is 20 – 120 characters.

1. Tag line

While analyzing Reddit for social media marketing, a headline prompting or addressing a common question proves to be the best. The quality of the content is measured in terms of upvotes, clicks, and comments. Hence, the title with a question gets you the highest rates of comments.
However, if you need more upvotes, your content must be focusing on taglines without question. So, it all depends upon your requirement and agenda.

2. Device usage

Notably, more than 70% of the Reddit users visit the site from their mobiles, mostly watching the videos. Moreover, mobile users spend twice as much time as other users.

3. Tech hub

If you are a tech person and want to market your tech-savvy services or products, the best platform will be Reddit for social media marketing. This is due to the fact that approximately 38% of the Redditers are tech-lovers, which is much more than any other SMM platform; Facebook or Instagram.

4. External links

The feature that makes Reddit ranking among the most used forums is the upvotes. Due to this feature, Redditors rely on this platform to discover new websites and brands. Therefore, posts with external links produce much more upvotes than the posts without any links.

5. Videos

Now, there may be different types of links. It may be directing the users to an image, a brand website, or a YouTube video. So, based on the external links, the posts leading to a video produces the most upvotes.
Lastly, it is yet to be seen when Reddit will come down the funnel and compete with the social media marketing giants. Undoubtedly, the stats indicate that the time is near. Till then, for the best SMM Services, join hands with Navicosoft.


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