How to use HTML5 Drag and Drop Features

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Getting started with HTML5 Drag and Drop 

HTML drag and drop means one can make any element on page draggable. The user can select draggable elements with the help of a mouse, drag those elements to a droppable element and drop them by releasing the mouse button. The overview of HTML Drag and Drop includes a description of the interfaces, basic steps to add drag and drop support to an application and an interoperability summary of interfaces. This functionality clarifies user experience and also allows creating simple online games.

Events for HTML5 Drag and Drop:

There are various different kinds of events to attach for monitoring the complete drag and drop process

Event                                                Explanation


Drag The cursor moves while dragging an element.


Dragstart The cursor picks up the element and starts dragging.


Drop The dragging process completed.


Dragleave The dragleave is fired when a dragged element leaves a   valid drop target.


Dragenter The cursor enters the target element.
Dragover The event is fired when an element is being dragged over a valid drop target.


Dragend The mouse button is released, dropping the element.


Drag and Drop Process 

Following steps to be carried out to implement Drag and Drop operations:

  • Make an Object draggable –  For dragging any element, set the draggable attribute to true for that element, then set an event listener for dragstart that stores data being dragged. The event listener dragstart will set the allowed effects like move, copy or link.


  • Dropping the Object –  To accept a drop, there are three events that drop target has to listen:


  • The dragenter event, which is used to determine whether or not the drop target is to accept the drop. If the drop is to be accepted, then this event is to be cancelled.


  • The dragover event, which is used to determine what feedback is to be shown to the user. If the event is cancelled, then the feedback is updated based on the dropEffect attribute value.


  • Lastly the drop event, which allows the actual drop to be performed.

HTML5 Drag and Drop Applications

HTML5 drag and drop elements are remarkably useful. They eliminate the need to access the data on devices from the browser, which saves time and effort. It also increases the efficiency from more than just that angle though. Drag and Drop simplifies organization by making the movement of elements within the browser easily. With the more help of drag and drop functionality empowered one can:

  • Freely upload data of various types.
  • Organize files/folders online.
  • Shift position of on page media elements.
  • Reorder lists

The uniqueness of this function is still in full effect as far as browsing is concerned. Inculcating a website with draggable/droppable elements will instantly attach a level of up-to-date coolness to web presence in most every user’s mind. This is due to drag and drop functionality can make any element on a website dynamic, interactive, intuitive and more engaging to users. HTML drag and drop features fall under somewhat of an A – list status these days. It’s widely supported by major browsers and often executed by web designers. Drag and Drop functions are triggered by a user action, most often a mouse click because they make use of JavaScript API to boost up power levels. They are also integrated with additional markups, so one can make almost any imaginable on page element draggable.

Hiring HTML5 Developer 

HTML 5 developer is a front end developer with a well beyond understanding of the most recent HTML specification. Skills and experience of HTML developers will define the effectiveness of web apps. The first thing to do for hiring the best HTML developers is to specify business requirements. Using real coding problems that one might come up with during the HTML development process might be the perfect choice for judging developer’s skills. Appropriate skills set and experience is essential. And Lastly it is always advisable to hire html5 developer in india.

Useful tips : HTML5 Drag and Drop

  • One can drag various types of elements, including but not limited to files, links, and images.
  • Another feature is it can drag multiple elements at once. Yet, it’s recommended to have them all in the same format for consistency.
  • Finally, form elements that accept user input can be droppable areas by default.

In Conclusion

To conclude, we can say that choosing appropriate HTML developers will surely benefit. One can also hire mix developers that accompany each other. However all that tiresome work can be eliminated if we hire developers from an experienced  and professional firm.




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