How to Solve Problems Using Dimensional Analysis

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In science, dimensional analysis is said to be the analysis of the relationship between two physical quantities by identifying the base quantity, unit of measurement and, also tracking these dimensions as comparison & calculations. The conversion of units becomes easy from one dimensional to another within the metric because of the regular base in all units. Might be possible you will face mathematical errors during the conversion of the physical quantities, so you can use an online dimensional analysis calculator that helps to do the unit conversion & simplify the ratio of the specific quantities.

What is Dimensional Analysis?


The dimensional analysis is also known as the factor label method or unit factor. It is a problem-solving method that uses the fact that any expression or number can be multiplied by one without making changes in the value. Most people thought that it was just a mathematical problem but that’s not true. The comparison procedure for the physical quantities is no doubt lengthy & complex when it comes to calculations. So, simply account for an online dimensional analysis solver that analyses the dimensions for the two given physical quantities within a fraction of seconds.

How to Calculate Dimensional Analysis:

Dimensional analysis is known to be a process that performs conversions for solving problems. There are few things you need to remember during the calculation of physical quantities.

  • Identify the given quantity in the problem.
  • Identify the required quantity of the problem.
  • Now, establish the unit path from the given quantity to the required quantity by using the equivalents as conversion factors.
  • Set up the factors for conversions to the permit cancellation of unwanted units. Select each of the conversion factors carefully placed in the numerator or denominator portion of the problem. So, in this way, the unwanted units will be canceled from the problem.
  • Now, simply multiply the numerator with the denominator and divide the product of the numerator by the product of the denominators to get the numerical value of the wanted quantity.

The whole process of calculating the numerical value of two physical quantities is without a doubt becoming daunting when you are not good at calculations. The dimensional analysis can be performed for the quantities easily by using the Dimensional Analysis Calculator that compares two measuring units within a fraction of seconds. 

The Conversion Factor in Dimensional Analysis:

When using dimensional analysis the most important thing to consider is the conversion factor. The conversion factor is always equal to 1, and it is a fraction of the numerical ratio that can assist you in expressing the measurement from one unit to another. The values represent the same quantity when you are using the same quantity. For instance, one yard is equal to three feet, and seven days is the same as one week. If you found any complexities during the calculation of the physical quantity, then you can account for the dimensions calculator that will show you the comparison & relationship between two physical quantities. It also shows the solution for the physical quantities.

Why Use Dimensional Analysis?

Now, we know from the above discussion that dimensional analysis can assist you in finding the problems that you may encounter within your daily routine. If you perform the dimensional analysis correctly, then the analysis can actually help you to answer your problems more efficiently & accurately. To make the comparison of the physical quantities easier you can try an online dimensional analysis calculator that can compare the two measurement units for the dimensional analysis.


Dimensional analysis is known as a standard method, which is used in science. The main assumption about dimensional analysis is that any equation that represents the universal law has to be independent. The simple & easy steps to calculate the quantities are mentioned in this guidepost that makes it possible to find the relation of physical quantities. If you don’t want to perform the calculation on paper then, you can consider the online unit analysis calculator that displays the solution for the physical quantities.


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