How to set up a perfume company in Dubai?

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How to set up a perfume company in Dubai

Perfumes, the word itself is so luxurious and fragrant like the product itself. Everyone adores the finest collections of perfume but only if done right. It comes within different ranges and is an all time favourite product that people excitedly love to prepare and receive as gifts. UAE markets have opened themselves to the highly profitable production of decent perfumes. So if you are confident to produce one which is sure to hit the market then read on further to find how to start a company in Dubai.

Setting up a company in Dubai has high potential especially when it comes to business like perfumes. Attar is the best selling item in the UAE market. It is actually a concentration of essential oils of different botanical sources and we don’t have to emphasize this even more as it is highly acknowledged among the UAE people.


Importance of  Oud Perfume in Dubai

setting up a company in Dubai

Oud perfume holds a royal position in the mesmerising world of fragrances. It is not only expensive but also the relatively best one we can get from the perfume market in Dubai. It is famous and is very profitable for Oud because of its unique yet strong smell. The dominant smell makes it one of the powerful and costliest fragrances not only in the UAE but also in the world.

 How to set up a perfume business in Dubai?

Before setting up a company in Dubai or before starting on with the actual business,  keep in mind and investigate a lot more about the target market. The target market for the perfume business in UAE is equally for both men and women because people there love to groom and present themselves in a pleasant  way to others. Some best selling fragrances in Dubai are amber, musk, exotic flowers, oud perfume, and many more.

Every perfume entrepreneur should keep in their mind significant rules and regulations to proceed with the business for a successful business and so now let us discuss step by step procedures on how to start a perfume business in Dubai.

 Have a legitimate business plan

Any business including a perfume business needs to have a clever and strategic business plan. Having one ensures you not only a successful plan but also a way and inspiration to actually do it. When it comes to the perfume business, firstly decide on the mission statements. Then you should have significant and healthy company goals. You should also think about strategies for the number of products that you wish to serve, expected income, financial planning and much more. Having a clear cut idea on budget and handling it is key to success, so invest a lot of time in planning out your budget requirements. Think twice about startup costs and income statements. All of these requires special attention and clever implementation to be successful.

Create new scents

A perfume company always sets up its business game with the production of new scents. Your company should be able to research and invest a lot of time in creating a perfume that is unique and sweet. It should be a product of a creative blend. You can either research certain recipes on perfume making or spice up a current perfume you have with a new outlook. Experiment and start making fragrances that have a high chance to crack your financial goals. 

Selecting bottles

 The next important thing you have to focus is on the selection of bottles. Selecting the perfect bottle is equally important as selecting a scent or creating a scent. So every company that aspires to sell the best perfumes should create or select a bottle that is attractive to the eyes but highly effective and easy to use. You can try choosing a bottle that resembles a lot of the fragrance and so you can choose the shape and size accordingly. Also, note that you just only need the perfume bottles but containers for testers and samples. 

Setting up the brand 

Your perfume business ultimately needs strong brand building, and for that, you must have a designer or a professional to create a logo for you. This logo creates a strong brand presence and will be the face of your company and so it should be attractive and enlightening. 

 Get a license 

We don’t have to deeply vent about the significance of getting a license for a perfume company to work smoothly. Every entrepreneur who deals with business in Dubai is ought to apply and get a business license from the DED or  Department of Economic Development.

 Setting up a manufacturing facility

Before thinking about setting up a manufacturing facility, think about the different free zones that are available to set up. Various options available are Jebel Ali Free Zone, Dubai free zone, and many more. These free zone options can avail you of a perfume manufacturing facility.


The UAE market is awesome and highly profitable when it comes to the perfume business. Financial stability is guaranteed in the UAE for the product. The last and important advice we have yet to give you is to have personal research and to curate a business plan that is likely to succeed. Do you know that the perfume business in UAE is worth 500 million dollars?

We expect the perfume market to reach 685 million dollars by the year 2023. The feasibility is also proven with the successful establishment of perfumes companies all over Dubai.  






















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