How to resolve if Avast won’t open in Windows 10

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Avast antivirus offers various paid and freeware to the users. But the users may face some errors with Avast antivirus from time to time. Avast antivirus often shows errors while running on Windows 10 PC. The user can get the Avast won’t open error due to errors in program files. If you are getting this error after installation then you should check for other causes.

Common causes for getting Avast won’t open in Windows 10 error:

  1. You are trying to install an incompatible Avast program
  2. Missing Avast program files
  3. Corrupted registry files
  4. Junk files are interrupting Avast antivirus
  5. Your Windows files get corrupted

Best methods to fix Avast won’t open in Windows 10 error:

Install a compatible Avast antivirus plan

After installing the Avast setup, if the antivirus won’t open then you need to check for the resource requirements. People sometimes transfer the license from one device to another without checking the resource requirements of the Avast setup. Your Avast won’t open if you are installing the setup on an incompatible device. Go to the Avast website and check the resource requirements of your Avast plan. Now inspect the device you are trying to install the setup. If the requirements don’t match with the device specifications then you need to search for a compatible Avast antivirus.

Fix your Windows files

The Windows files of your device can get corrupted easily. Once the files get corrupted, they start conflicting with other programs. You need to fix the Windows files immediately. For repairing the Windows files, you can use the Windows file checker tool. This is an inbuilt tool of Windows that scans the Windows files and then fixes all corrupted files. Here are the steps for using the Windows file checker tool:

  1. Open your Windows 10 device
  2. Click on the Start button
  3. Click on Run 
  4. Type cmd on the run wizard 
  5. A permission prompt may appear
  6. Click on Allow button

Now you will see the black screen on your desktop. Type sfc/scannow on the command (black) screen. Press the Enter key from the keyboard and the file checker will start scanning the Windows 10 PC. The file checking process may take some time to complete. After repairing the Windows files, restart your device and check for the error. If the Avast antivirus is still not open on Windows 10 devices then seek other solutions.

Disable Avast antivirus temporarily

Try to disable your Avast for some time and then enable it. Sometimes restarting the Avast antivirus can also troubleshoot your error. 

How to turn off Avast antivirus?

You can easily turn off Avast antivirus from your taskbar. Go to your Windows taskbar and right-click on the Avast antivirus icon (orange icon). Click on the Avast shield control icon and choose Disable option. Click on Diable for 10 minutes. Now your Avast antivirus will get disabled for 10 minutes and then get enabled automatically. Now click on the Avast icon from the desktop and check whether your Avast antivirus is opening or not.

Remove the conflicting program

Some programs on your device may conflict with Avast antivirus. This error occurs when the user has another security program installed on the device. Sometimes users upgrade the Avast plan from freeware to premium. Before the user installs the premium Avast plan, he must remove the freeware from the device. Go to the Apps folder of your Windows 10 PC and check for the Avast free plan. Now remove the freeware and all the other security programs from your computer. Restart the PC and then try to access Avast antivirus.

Clean out all the junk

The device accumulates lots of junk due to web surfing and other jobs. The user needs to remove the junk from the PC as the junk files may start conflicting with other programs. Remove all the temporary files and browser junk (caches, cookies, etc) from your computer. Now click on Avast antivirus and check for the error.



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