Learn How to Repair SQL Database Page Level Corruption

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Well, today we are going to share the simple solutions to Repair SQL Database Page Level Corruption efficiently. There are thousands of users who want to know how to fix this corruption issue. Unfortunately, this task is very time-consuming and complex. Thus, we have come up with two different solutions to perform the task easily. Just read the article until the end to see the results. But before that, let us explore the causes of corrupted Pages in SQL Server Database.

Top Reasons of Page Level Corruption in SQL Server

All the data in SQL server database is stored in pages and in case there is any kind of issue occurs in pages, then it leads to page-level corruption.

  • If there is a problem with hardware, then it will create issues in SQL database.
  • Sudden power outage also creates severe problems in SQL databases.
  • Virus or Malware infection affects the whole server if there is no updated database.
  • If any kind of problem in the server is not diagnosed in time, then it leads to SQL database corruption.

How to Repair SQL Database Page Level Corruption

First of all, follow the given steps to find the corrupted pages in SQL Server:

  1. Download a text-comparison tool and check the differences between the original and corrupted database files.
  2. Afterward, execute the DBCC CHECKDB command on the corrupt database files. The command will check the files thoroughly and check the issues.
  3. Switch on the trace flag 3604 and run the DBCC PAGE command to identify the contents of the infected pages of the database file.


 DBCC PAGE ({ ‘dbname’ | dbid}, filenum, pagenum [, printopt={0|1|2|3}])

Here, Filenum & Pagenum represents page ids and some other parameters are-

0 – It is used to print the page header

1 – It denotes SQL Server page header with per row hex dumps

2 – It denotes page header with entire page hex dump

3 – It denotes page header along with per-row interpretation

  1. Now, to confirm the page number, run this command – Select * from dbo.tablename
  2. After confirming the location of corruption, again use the comparison tool to compare the corrupt file with the latest backup file.
  3. At last, fix the corrupted page and run the DBCC CHECKDB command on the recovered database files to fix the issue.

Expert Solution to Repair SQL Database Page Level Corruption

If the problem is still not sorted out with the manual process, then is highly recommended to use the advanced SQL Database Recovery tool. Using the tool you can easily fix the SQL Server database corruption issues with any data loss. Moreover, It enables users to fix major or minor corruption issues in SQL database files without any technical knowledge. The tool comes with an easy-to-use graphical user interface so that a complete novice or non-tech user can also use this utility easily. Additionally, the tool is compatible with all versions of SQL Server or Windows OS.

Follow the given steps to fix SQL Database Page Level Corruption

Step 1. Download the tool on your Windows machine and click Open to load database files into the software.

Launch tool

Step 2. Select a scan mode – Quick/Advance and then choose SQL Server version.

Select scan mode

Step 3. Now, preview all the recovered data – tables, views, indexes, functions, stored procedures, and so on and hit the Export button. All the deleted database components are shown in red color.

Click Export

Step 4. Select export to SQL Server database option and then fill the export details accordingly.

Select export option

Step 5. Select the required database component. At last, click the Export button.

Hit export

Final Words

In this technical blog, we have discussed different methods to Repair SQL Database Page Level Corruption. Users can use either manual or automated solutions as per the requirement. Due to the complex steps of the manual process, automated solution is recommended to fix this issue without putting more effort. Also, Users can download its free trial version that will help to understand the working and features of the tool.





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