How to Recover Corrupted VHD Files – Ultimate Solution

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VHD or VHDx files are like a physical hard drive that has elements such as a boot record, file systems, disk partitions, saved data, etc. Corruption or loss of one such file means losing the complete data stored on the VHD. Here everything users might want to know about how to recover corrupted vhd files.

Contact a Professional Data Recovery expert in the first place if your virtual hard drive file is missing. The recovery experts have the best VHD Recovery and Repair solutions based on the root cause. However, there are a few methods by which users can try to restore VHD file corruption. If you’re unable to repair the corrupt VHDX file by using the below methods, you’ll have to get the assist of a Trustworthy Data Recovery Service provider.

Reasons Behind VHD File Data Loss

According to multiple peace of research and by taking various user reviews the below mentioned reasons are the top one reasons for the VHD file loss.

  • Virus and Malware Attacks
  • Storage Media Failure
  • Human Errors
  • Improper System Shut-down

These reasons are the reasons which are genuinely users face once in their lives.

How to Recover Corrupted VHD Files using Professional Software

If you did not get any trustworthy solution then, try SysTools VHD recovery software to recover delete, corrupt, damaged and formatted data from the virtual hard drive. Users can free download and install this utility on any version of Windows. This tool ensures you the proper data recovery in a perfect manner. The tool provides data recovery from dismounted VHD file partition. Recover healthy VHD file data without installing virtual machine. The best part about this tool anyone can use this software whether it is technical or non technical. This software has simple GUI and easy to use. This application recovers FAT and NTFS VHD partition. Tool provides multiple modes of data recovery users can use as per their need.

Steps to Recover Corrupted VHD Files

Now we will know about how this software works to restore VHD file. All steps given below. Follow these simple steps and restore VHDX files Windows 10.

  1. Download and install SoftwarePro VHD Recovery Software then, click on Open option.
  2. Now choose a suitable scanning option to retrieve VHD file corrupted, damaged and deleted
  3. This application will list all restored files into application preview pane. Just view all restored files.
  4. After showing all file, users can save all files. Just hit on the Save button.

Beneficial Features of VHD Recovery Tool

  • This tool has some beneficial features that make recovery easier.
  • The tool supports to recover data in multiple languages
  •  It supports to restore complete raw data files formats
  • Users can recover selective data VHD files
  • This Utility is compatible with Windows OS

Summing Up

In this write up we have discussed how to recover corrupted vhd files. There are no manual method to recover corrupted vhd files. So, I have discussed an application that named as SysTools VHD Recovery Software. This tool restores entire data safely and securely. Tool provides free demo version to check its reliability.


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