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I have been one of you people who were searching for the same; I needed to open .mbox files on Mac but was not able to find the right solution. Then after some time, I came across the magical tool to do that. I will share my experience here in Airra and review it in this article.

Many people use various Emailing platforms like, Outlook, Gmail, Thunderbird, etc. to communicate. These email clients use different file formats to store the messages. MBOX is one of the standard file formats to store mailbox data on your Mac Machine. MBOX format is well supported by Apple Mail but there are various queries regarding accessing the MBOX file. You cannot normally access the MBOX files on your System. You can either read the Mailboxes directly with a viewer tool or convert MBOX files to the proper email file format.

So here I will provide, a reliable solution with a program to read MBOX files on Mac Machine

First, let us just read the reasons why people want to access MBOX files.

Reasons to Open .mbox Files on Mac

There are many reasons people might have, here are some of the basic reasons: –

  • You might have some important email messages which you want to see.
  • Sometimes accidentally, people’s Email client gets crashed, so opening the MBOX file becomes a necessity.
  • The attachments also assume the same importance.

The most unprecedented incident is the crashing of the email clients which results in data loss.

Easy & Effortless Solution to Open MBOX files on Mac

I will recommend what I used and preferred over all of the other expensive tools, Free MBOX Viewer for Mac. This smart tool quickly responds to your commands and displays the result in few seconds only. You can not only view your email messages but also can access the intact attachments to them. The tool offers no limit on the amount of MBOX files, you can view whatever files using the tool.

As soon as adding the MBOX file to the software panel, it previews all the email messages along with the email components such as From, To, Subject, Sent, and Receive.

The software is purely independent you don’t have to worry about it; there will be no other installation of any software. You can quickly preview your files on the software without any hassle or trouble. It is comfortable even for non-technical users. It comes with a 100% guarantee of providing safety and security to the users, thus there will be no data loss.

The application is completely free; you can directly download it using the link.

Procedure to Follow to Run the Wizard

Follow the steps written below carefully to have a smooth installation of the software: –

1. Start the software, MacUncle MBOX Viewer on your Mac System.

2. Now select the MBOX file using the Add File (s) or Add Folder (s).

3. Further, choose the required email folders with MBOX files.

Open .mbox files on macOS using MacUncle MBOX Viewer

4. Finally, click on any MBOX Email files and access the email message quickly in the software.

You can see the process is really easy and direct; you just have to download and install the software on your system. I bet you would like it because the tool is very easy to use and provide valuable output.

More than viewing the MBOX files one can convert the Mailboxes to another email format using the MBOX Migrator tool. The tool has multiple saving options such as PST, EML, MSG, CSV, Thunderbird, etc. Using this tool, you can open .mbox files on Mac in other email services with ease. Such as Save MBOX files in PST format and access the files in Windows Outlook.

As MBOX Viewer Tool is freeware whereas the MBOX Migrator tool is shareware in which you can convert around 25 email files to any format. For more conversion, you must upgrade the tool to its Professional version.

Key Features of the Tool

The software provides magnificent features to users which very impress, here are a few of them listed down: –

  • Perfect GUI: The application comes with a coherent GUI; the software is user-friendly and easy-to-use which allows users to have a smooth experience.
  • Flexibility: The software can read and preview MBOX files from various Email clients like Thunderbird, Opera Mail, SeaMonkey, Netscape, etc. therefore a wide range of options.
  • Messages with Attachments: You can directly preview your email messages in the software and can also see your attachments with that mail.
  • Independent Software: The utility is completely independent it doesn’t need installation of any other application.
  • Supported OS X: The application works with all the latest versions of Mac OS like 10.9 Mavericks, 10.8 Mountain Lion, 10.13 High Sierra, 10.12 Sierra, etc.

I’m sure you are attracted by the features mentioned, just download it. I’ve been using it till now.

Final Verdict

In the article above, I have shared my experience and suggested the probable solution to open .mbox files on Mac. MBOX Reader is free; you can perform your task in just a few seconds. The application works best and provides valuable experience using it. The utility also allows people to view their attachments intact with the email. You will get many additional advantages while using the tool.


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