How to Make Perfect Popcorn at Home

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Making popcorns might be easier in some methods, but if you want a personalized taste, then you need some guidelines. First of all, you need to buy kernels packaged inside personalized popcorn boxes. You need to follow some steps if the stovetop method is your choice. Allow us to show you how this method is the best and the steps to make them with this technique.

The Stovetop is the Best Method.

These days, people can easily make their popcorn in the microwave as many of the brands are providing microwavable items. But the ones you make yourself have no competition. It is a great cause why popcorn kernel sales are increasing. It is also increasing the need for popcorn boxes wholesale. So, we are here to show you some steps in this matter that will help make them pretty impressive.

Step 1: Choose the Right Quality Kernels.

It is the first and foremost step in making these special items. People forget about this important step that can impact the result pretty effectively. For that, you should choose the kernels pretty cleverly.

Many substandard items in the market might sound cheap but are not a good option to get the best results. So, choose the ones that have a great standard. The quality of popcorn boxes is an impressive indicator of product standards. Choosing a trusted brand is an exceptional idea as well. This thing help in getting great quality items

Step 2: Gather the Right Ingredients.

It is a great step in this process. All you need to do is to ensure that you have all the ingredients required to make these items. These can vary depending upon your taste and requirements. But the ones we are going to make have these ingredients.

We know that high-quality Kernels are vital. 1/3 cup is the quantity that we need for making these exceptional items. 3 tablespoons of the oil are essential. You can add coconut or olive oil in this matter. 1 tablespoon of butter can enhance the value. Salt, according to your need, can boost the taste.

Step 3: Heating the Oil.

Here comes the first functional step in this whole process. Here you have to place the pan on the stovetop. Then pour the oil in 3 tablespoon quantity. Now leave it to heat completely. In the case of coconut oil, you have to ensure that all the solids are melt. After that, add some (2 or 3) pieces of kernels to this oil. Now you have to wait until the kernels pop. When you see the Kernels successfully pop, you can move to the next step in which you will add the remaining ones.

Step 4: Add the Kernels and Remove the Pot.

After ensuring that the testing kernels pop perfectly, you have to add all the remaining ones into the oil. Removing the pan from the stove is essential. This thing will ensure that every grain among them is heated perfectly and evenly. A trick to this thing is that you count for thirty seconds. This thing is exceptional to evenly make these eatable items. Due to this, you will be able to make evenly baked and popped items that is the dream of everyone making these items. You can get to the next step after 30 seconds.

Step 5: Place the Pan on Heat Again.

When you count for thirty seconds, then place the pan on the stovetop again for heating and place the lid on the pan. Now you need pretty little time for popping these items because their temperature is near to the popping one. The kernels will start to pop after some time all together. It is beneficial to heat them for some time to make the most out of them. If you want to use a good amount of butter, heating more is going to benefit you. Now you can make your custom popcorn boxes or plates ready for these items as it is about the time to take them out.

Step 6: Remove the Pan off the Stove.

After you know that there is a clear gap between the popping, you can remove the pan from the stovetop. Take out the popped items in the boxes or the plates, whatever you like. You can also place them inside a wide bowl. This thing will help in later steps. You can place a lid or cover that bowl with anything but leave some space for air to flow. Otherwise, they will not be crunchy anymore.

Step 7: Addition of Salt and Butter.

In this step, you have to melt down the butter. You can use the same pan as you have used for the kernels. Heat enough that the butter melts completely. You can make it a bit brown if you like. After it heats completely, you can add it to the popcorns inside the bowl. Now, you can add salt according to your requirement to enhance their taste. These things are exceptional for enhancing the persona of these products.

Step 8: Add Topping

There are other toppings to choose from for your items. If you want a sweet taste, then avoid salt and make the caramel to add to them. Just sugar can do the job as well. You can also use honey on them to make them sweet. If you want salty but a bit spicy ones as well, then adding different kinds of ground peppers can do the job. Curry powder is also exceptional for topping. You can find many other topping ideas on the internet. But the main method remains the same as mentioned above.

Want the same experience as theater at home with personalized popcorn boxes in your hands in this age of COVID-19? Making popcorns at home can do the job for you. But for that purpose, you need some guidelines. The aforementioned guidelines are the best to make perfect popcorns at home.





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