How to Make a Website with Wix?

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Many companies are still not preferring to have websites as they believe designing a website is expensive and requires serious expertise. Those days are gone, now, you can create a professional and effective website within a few hours without having much expertise in this field. Website design platforms like Wix will help you to design an impeccable website for your online visitors. If you enrol on the best Digital Marketing training in Ahmedabad, you will learn more about Wix and how you can design a perfect website using it. Here, we are giving you a basic idea regarding how to make a website with Wix.

What is Wix?

Wix is the world’s most popular platform for website design. Established in 2006, Wix has made web design quick, easy, simple, and intriguing.

Why is Wix preferred?

  •       Wix is flexible and easy to use. This platform is ideal for those who don’t have adequate designing skills.
  •       Easy to learn
  •       The drag and drop feature is highly commendable
  •       With Wix, you can easily customize media and you have access to hundreds of handy apps

How to create websites with Wix?

You can create websites with Wix in two ways-Wix Editor and Wix ADI

Wix Editor

This is a standard website builder that comes with more than 500 templates. Once you have selected your ideal canvas, you can drag-and-drop different text and image elements to customize it. If you are a small business owner or a blogger or a photographer, then Wix Editor allows you to create your website within a few hours.

How to use Wix Editor


Wix offers eight pricing plans and you need to choose one to start designing your website. As with all subscriptions, the more you pay, the more features you get. If you choose a free plan, you don’t get a professional domain name and need to deal with on-site ads. These give your website a novice/amateur look. It is recommended to go for the combo plan ($18 per month) for small businesses. This plan is free from ads and comes with a personalized domain name for one year. It provides sufficient storage for most website needs.

Choose a Template

Choose a Template

Once you have selected “Create a New Site” from the drop-down menu, Wix will ask what type of website you want. As per your selection, you will be offered an array of templates (nearly 500 templates). If you can’t find your dream template, you can use the search bar to find more.

Update text and image

Now, you will be able to see a preview page of your chosen template. Editing features like the drag-and-drop design and text boxes play an imperative role here. If you want to update your company’s portfolio or blog details, just click on the text you want to change, then rewrite. You can also change font, size, colour and even template images.

Personalize the background

You can even change your template background. The left-hand sidebar features a ‘Background’ button that you need to click and change with ease. You can even add a video to your background.

Add pages

Add pages

Once you are done with your home page, you need to create other pages like the About” page and a “Contact Us” page. To add a page to your site with Wix Editor, click the down arrow next to your current page at the top of the editor, then click “Manage Pages.” From the resulting menu, you can add pages and customize them as per your needs.

Add apps

Wix’ app market has over 250 amazing applications to boost your site. They cover everything from restaurant orders to interactive quizzes. The apps also provide your website with a modern interface to make you competitive.

Set up a blog

You can integrate a blog page into your site to make it more professional. The new Wix Blog can be found by clicking the pen-shaped ‘Start Blogging’ button.

Optimize for search engines

On the left side of the site editor, you can click “Menus and Pages,” then click on the ellipses next to any page to be presented with this list of options. Then, click “SEO Google”. You can control all the basic functions of SEO for your site.

Make it mobile-friendly

Make it mobile-friendly


Go for a mobile version of your site to make it successful. With Wix Editor, mobile optimization is simple and easy. To start, drift your mouse over the desktop screen at the top of the editor. Now, click the mobile icon to see how your site will look when viewed from a mobile phone.

Select a domain name

Before publishing, you need to pick up your domain name. If you have chosen Wix’s free plan, then you can’t use a regular domain name like “” or “”. Your site will follow the format www.yourname.wixsite/yoursite.


Once you are satisfied with the preview, then click ‘Publish’ next to Preview, and your site will be live.

This is the way to create a site with a Wix editor.

By using Wix ADI, you can create a more complex and feature-rich website for your business.

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