How to Learn Punching Speed and Power with simple Boxing Equipment

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How to Learn Punching Speed and Power with simple Boxing Equipment


In Boxing, speed and strength go hand in hand; you need to move faster, dodge faster, hit faster, recover yourself faster, and then punch again quicker than before. At the same time, your punches need to be harder and full of strength; your quick and faster punches must be targeted and must not lose the right technique and discipline. For this, you must know how to use the Boxing Equipment the right way.

There are various techniques that you practice to make your hands and punches go quicker and faster. Most of the boxers think that the target is to make your punches more powerful and speedy but it is not so. The real target is to teach your hands a series of various punches that they can perform on their own without you thinking of it. You need to train your mind for it and go in an automated mode while Sports punching.


You can make your punches quicker and faster using the very simple techniques we are going to teach you but never forget your target is:

  • Targeted and well-placed Punches
  • Reaching an automated punching mode by practicing harder.

Now we will learn the simple drills to make punches faster, targeted and powerful:

1.    Keeping yourself relaxed:

When I say this very first tip and the most important tool, students get confused. You need to understand this term relatively. Remember, if you are calm inside only then you can perform properly, and in boxing, you have to be very fast.

You must not be thinking about what your next move is going to be rather you have to train yourself to work automatically and punch without you thinking of it. So, the first thing to achieve is to do some yoga or meditation and let not any kind of stress come near you.

2.    Doing speedy drills on Light Punching Bags:

Light Bags also known as Speed Bags are the gurus that will teach you the speed and agility you need in boxing. You need to practice a lot on these bags. While you are punching faster and faster remember, you need not lose the technique. You need to keep looking at the bag and see when it comes back and when you hit it again. This is going to teach you the coordination you need between your eye movement and your hands.

And yes, again, coordination is very crucial when it comes to fighting. Because in the match your opponent will be a human who will unpredictably and you need to judge and react accordingly. At the same time, you are also working on your reaction or recovery time.

3.    Practicing Punching series with weights:

When it comes to boxing, learning some series of punches is very basic and you do it practicing in the air following your teacher. So the same is what you will be doing here. You need to do one round of punches, in the next round you will be faster, in the next, you will be faster and with each round, you will be increasing your speed and agility.

This technique will increase your speed and makes your target closer which is to be automated in your punching while not losing the strength and power.

4.    Practicing with Heavy Weights:

This is a pro tip practiced only by experts in which they wear heavy gloves while practicing or carry weights while performing drills. It not only makes their punches difficult; also teaches them to punch power and speed. The muscles become stronger and the moves become automated with practice.

Remember you need to perform full-length proper punches.

We recommend doing a repetition of 5*4 drills with a weight of 1 kg for beginning taking a rest of 2 minutes in between. With time you can increase weight and repetition depending on your ease.

5.    Performing faster Pushups carrying weights:

It might make you crazy, what is the connection between these kinds of pushups and the speed you want to attain. Yes, there is a direct connection. In boxing, the strength of punches comes not only from the muscles of the forearm but also from the biceps and shoulder ones. So you need to work on them and make them stronger and faster.

Also, you can perform clap pushups. In which you will perform a push-up, jump to clap, and again perform a push-up. In this way, you will reach your both targets speed and power. This also brings variety to your practice, keeps you away from boring.


Some other BOXING EQUIPMENT that you can use:

Some other simple used Boxing Equipment that can be helpful are resistance bands and boxing skipping ropes. Yes, they are general boxing equipment but if you use boxing skipping ropes strategically, they will increase the power of your punches.

· Resistance Bands:

If you have larger resistance bands you can bind them with your body around the belly and another corner with some solid object like a running machine. Now the exercise is you need to run far away from where the bands start to stretch and hit the punching bag as harder as you can. The stretching band will pull you back in the meanwhile. At this time, you will push yourself again, reach the target point and perform the drill.

This drill is practiced by boxers also to learn the footwork.

You can also use small resistance bands.

  • Bind them with your hands and the other end with some solid object.
  • Now, you have to push your hand against the elasticity of the band, standing in the right posture.
  • Perform the drill, again push your hand, and repeat.


·    Throwing Heavy Balls:

Heavy Balls are also used in boxing and during training of other sports that require the strength of hand muscles like boating etc. This drill is performed standing against the wall. You will hold a heavy ball in your hand and throw it at the wall. It seems quite simple but remembers the technique of punching. You will throw the ball like you are punching your opponent. This will build up your muscles and technique.


We hope these tips will be helpful for you to build speed and power in boxing.


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