How to launch an on-demand multi-services app like Uber for X?

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As much as Uber is famous for its taxi business, it is popular for a bunch of other on-demand services too. Entrepreneurs, who wish to provide more than a single service adopt the Uber for X business model. Basically, Uber for X is a marketplace model that gives users an opportunity to avail themselves of different services from the same app. If you are aspiring to provide multiple services, then all you need to do is develop a multi-services application and offer the services you wish. So, here’s complete guidance on developing your Uber for x application.

Top interesting on-demand services you can consider


The concept of on-demand services evolved with food delivery services. Agree? So, it is a must to consider the food delivery services. Also, in recent times, grocery delivery services have picked up as users prefer online grocery shopping. So, apart from these mandatory on-demand services, let us look at the other on-demand services that are becoming the hottest trend around the globe.

  • On-demand laundry services

The global demand for dry cleaning and other laundry services is expected to reach 79.9 billion USD by the year 2027. Similar to other on-demand services, the dry cleaning and laundry services are popular among users, and it is one of the staple needs in everyone’s daily routines. Here, the user will book the nearby laundry service professionals and the professional will pick-up the clothes from the user, clean/iron, and then return the clothes to the users at their doorsteps.

  • On-demand roadside assistance or tow truck services

Fixing an impaired vehicle in the middle of travel is often an arduous task. Usually, people will find it hard to get assistance from the mechanic and will also experience delays. So, in order to fix this problem, on-demand roadside assistance services came into being. Users have to register on the app and can book a mechanic who is nearby based on their availability. This is a much-needed service that helps users to fix their vehicles immediately.

  • On-demand healthcare services

Nowadays, visiting hospitals has become more of a panicking scenario as the pandemic is still ruling. Also, as every need can be accomplished through online services, why not the medical consultation. For non-emergency cases, people can make use of the online healthcare app, book appointments with doctors, get the consultation and make the payment. Nowadays, this online healthcare has become the best choice to consult with doctors without stepping out from the confinements. 

  • On-demand tutoring services

Students can now search for tutors and book them via the on-demand tutor app. In the app, students are provided with a list of tutors who are available to reach out to the student’s home and assist them in learning. Booking the tutors is not different from other on-demand services. Just they have to register on the app, find the tutors and their specializations and book them. 

  • On-demand home services

The on-demand home services include all kinds of handyman services like electrical works, plumbing, floor maintenance, painting, interior and exterior works. If you are not aware of the scope of handyman services, then take a look at the stats on these handyman services. By the end of this year, the CAGR of handyman services is expected to increase by 49%. Also, unlike the other services, the need for handyman services will vary from one country to another. So, before planning the handyman services, you must be sure of the user’s demographics.

Launch a Uber for X app to provide n number of on-demand services through a single app using a white-label multi-services app solution.

  • On-demand alcohol delivery

One of the latest and fast-growing on-demand services is alcohol delivery services. Some of the popular alcohol delivery platforms are Drizly, Saucey, Minibar, Haus, and even Postmates delivers alcohol to users. All these are aggregator platforms that connect alcohol shops with the users by letting the users place the orders through the app. The user will select the type of alcohol and specify the quantity. Once the store confirms the order, the user will get the ETA via push notification. The delivery person will deliver the alcohol to the user.

  • On-demand pharmacy services

On-demand medicine delivery is again a useful service for people. Similar to online healthcare, the pharmacy service will help users buy the medicines without stepping out. The users can select the nearest pharmacy, upload the prescription, and order the medicines. The delivery person will reach out to the users with the medicines. You must definitely consider the medicine delivery services, as there is a huge demand for this kind of delivery services.

  • On-demand beauty services

Grooming has become a part of our lifestyle. What if both men and women can avail of the grooming services instead of visiting parlours? Yes, through on-demand services, it is possible to get the desired grooming services at the doorstep. Users can simply enter their location, select a parlour, and book an appointment. Based on the time preferred by the user, the parlour service professionals will go to the user’s home and do the service.

What are the essential features of the Uber for X app?

  • Live tracking
  • Estimated arrival time
  • Push alerts
  • In-app chat
  • Online payment
  • Live map 
  • Ratings and reviews

The complete working model of the Uber for X

  • It all starts with raising service requests from the user side. The user will mention the address and timing details in which they want the service.
  • Secondly, the service request will be automatically assigned to the nearest and available service providers. Here, the service provider has the option to either approve or reject the service request. If rejected, then it will be automatically assigned to the next nearest service provider.
  • If the request gets approved by the service provider, then the user will get the confirmation message.
  • At the mentioned time, the service provider or the delivery person will go to the user’s location and complete the service request.
  • Also, the user needs to make the payment via any of the app’s payment options.

Final thoughts

There is a whopping demand for all the above-stated on-demand services. So, it is wise to go for the on-demand multi-services app development and offer services that align with the preferences of your target users.


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