How to Know If Your Smartphone Has Lost Internet Connection

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Earth was not like its present form a few decades ago. The technology has changed its structure in just 50 years. The world we are living in, is a digital world. Why we call earth a global village? Just because of internet. Internet was invented in the United Stated of America as a tool of communication in cold wars. Its actual presentation was given by Tim Berners lee, who presented the first world wide web. The internet we know is an advanced form of that invention. Now internet is much important that you will be living in stone age if you have lost internet connection. Internet is not just a source of communication now, but it’s a way to explore the world. And internet on smartphones has become an essential part of our life. But what to do when you come to know your smartphone has lost internet connection?


In this article, you will know about the reasons of losing internet connection. The factors affecting the connectivity of the internet and how to avoid such losses.


Indications Of Lost Internet Connection In Smart Phones

The indications of lost internet connection are very obvious. You would not be able to access any website. You won’t have access to any internet related apps in you mobile. Your downloading may crash or pause because of lost internet connection. Your smart phone will show the error “lost internet connection” every time an app faces the disconnection issue. Different apps and website may show different messages but the key message remains the same that is the “lost internet connection”.


Reasons Of Lost Internet Connection

There can be many reasons if your internet is not working. Your main server may get down because of some maintenance issues. Your DNS may be facing any glitch. You may have used prohibited IP address. Internet service provider may lose their connectivity in your area. Or simply there is some fault in your Wi-Fi or data connection chip of mobile. Whatever the reason is, it is necessary to troubleshoot it for the proper connectivity. Let us understand how to fix the any possible reason of lost internet connection in detail.


How To Identify And Fix The Lost Internet Connection Error

It is very pinching when your internet connection gets down. Whole life gets stuck because of it. You know very well how it feels when you enter right passwords and logins for connectivity and it does not work. There can be two sources of internet. Your WIFI and your data connection. We will discuss both of them in detail.


Preliminary Measures

Before you go and register a complain about your lost internet connection. Let us take few steps to check if there is a local problem. You don’t have to bother for other treatments. Here are the tricks that may work.


Turn On And Off Airplane Mode Once

The solution may be just two taps away from you said dissertation help. There can be many unknown reasons that may stuck the internet connection. Just turning on and off the airplane mode will restart the connectivity from your smart phone. And you may reconnect to the server. In this case, there is no need to read the article any further. Just do it and enjoy.


Try Different Locations

There are several hurdles in the path of electromagnetic waves. The ambience of your room or office consists of many metallic and nonmetallic materials. The signals are not even in all areas. In some corners you may get complete signals and in others they may be weak. Just try different possible locations in the room. You can also change the location of the router to get better signals. Weak signals often lose the connectivity. It also depends upon the sites you are opening. Heavy graphics sites need a strong internet connection. Otherwise, they will show an error of time out.


Check Out The Due Bills

Either you are using the data or WIFI. Make sure don’t have any due bills. If there is, pay them at once. Sometimes ISPs automate the connections. And, at a certain time of certain month your connection will automatically cut off.


Contact Your ISP

After examining the local problem and believing that problem is not occurring from your end. You should contact your service provider and ask if there is any issue running on their end. There may be two possible solutions. First, he will confirm that he is going through some repairs or else. And second, he will check out your connectivity from the hub.


Main Troubleshooting For Lost Internet Connection

If none of the above manual work. You have to go for troubleshooting from your devices. Following are the instructions for fixing the data issues.

Mobile Data Fixing

When troubleshooting the mobile data. First make sure that you have mobile data turned on. And you have proper data settings installed. Go to “settings” then “wireless and networks” then “mobile data” or “cellular data”. In some old devices it may be “data usage”. Check and select the best available bandwidth. For example, 2G, 3G, 4G.  Some times network providers set the setting automatically and sometimes you have to do it manually. In manual case, you may ask the network providers to send you the necessary credentials. Create new APN and provide all the data it requires. You can try different network connections also. Use different network sim cards and compare the best available signals and services.

WIFI Fixing

WIFI problems are bit complex and common as compared to the cellular services. WIFI connections are, on the other hand, very cheaper than data connections. It depends on your economy which service you will prefer. For troubleshooting your lost internet connection when using WIFI, open your “settings”. Go to “wireless and networks”, tap on “WIFI” and select the best available network. If you face any problem, restart your router. Make sure your firewall does not create any hurdle. Try connecting after turning off the firewall, if so.


You would not have an access to any website or internet related apps if you have lost internet connection on your smartphone. Above mentioned guide will help you in identifying and fixing the problems.


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