How To Interact With Power BI Data In A PowerPoint Presentation

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Business intelligence is a crucial part in the pursuit to be on the top in this aggressive corporate sphere. As a venture grows, it gets monotonous to monitor the logical data of the enterprise which, thusly, forms a road-square to dynamic. Utilizing an insightful framework in a data-driven business can assist it with discovering valuable trends, information, ends and raised dynamic. Power BI proves to be the best apparatus for investigation and representation of data. Cloud-based Power BI innovation is a forerunner for corporate chiefs.

Microsoft Power BI is a Business Intelligence and Data Visualization instrument which helps organizations to investigate data from different sources, convert it into an interactive dashboard and share experiences. Furnished with a user-friendly interface it envisions data in charts and graphs which can be imported into presentation formats in PowerPoint. It comprises different versions like Power BI Desktop, an online Power BI service as SaaS, Power BI applications for Windows, Android and iOS. Some phenomenal parts of Power BI include:

Power Query allows you to merge data from different sources

Power Pivot aids in data displaying for creating data models

Power View constructs interactive charts, graphs and guides

Data Processing, Data Integration, and Data Presenting form the core of Power BI. More astounding that you can distribute and share reports with others utilizing this platform. It provides rich and tweaked dashboards and reports to address your issues. With Power BI, retrieve your data without memory and speed constraints. Its in-memory investigation and DAX innovation offer adjusted straightforwardness. You can implant the interactive visuals seamlessly with existing now and again cloud premises like PowerPoint, MailChimp and Word. So, learn MSBI Course

Personalized dashboards are furnished with AI show, and real-time metrics, measurements and visuals for fast access and most recent data. Its instinctive interface empowers you effectively export visuals to PowerPoint presentations. Power BI’s dashboards, reports and charts can be leveraged in designer slide layouts to create an attractive business presentation for your customers. With a huge number of slide decks being pitched to investors every day by organizations, Power BI is a resourceful apparatus to give you an edge over the others.

Here are the Four different ways to export Power BI visuals to PowerPoint:

Export Full Report From Power BI to PowerPoint

With Power BI service, the distributed data can be incorporated in the slide decks dependent on your Power BI report. This should be possible by utilizing the capacity “Export to PowerPoint” from Power BI on the web. For this, you just need to open Power BI home and go to your distributed report in the workspace. When you are on your report, pick the record menu and select “Export To PowerPoint.”

A discourse box will appear requesting that you pick between ‘Current Values’ and ‘Default Values.’ You can go for ‘Current Value’ on the off chance that you need to export the report in the current state including dynamic changes. Pick the “Default Values” choice on the off chance that you don’t need your progressions to be reflected. Your Power BI report will be effortlessly exported into PowerPoint which can be found in the downloads choice of your in your browser.

Duplicate Paste Power BI Visuals in PowerPoint

The subsequent choice is to duplicate the visuals from Power BI to a PowerPoint slide deck. This choice is straightforward and helpful. It proves to be useful when you need to feature a couple of chosen components of your Power BI dashboard without the need to download every one of the pages. For this, open your PowerPoint record and go to your Power BI landing page where your perceptions are stored.

After opening your required report, you can choose a visual and pick the ‘duplicate’ alternative on the upper right corner. An alternative of “Duplicate to Clipboard” will appear on your screen. Select the showed choice. Presently you simply need to glue the chose visuals in your presentation. By picking just relevant visuals you provide your presentation with adaptability. It ought to likewise be remembered that the visuals once included can’t be changed.

Export Power BI Data To PowerPoint Via Excel

Power BI data is first imported into Excel to be attained in PowerPoint later. This progression is worthwhile for a clear examination of graphs and tables before exporting it into your PowerPoint presentation. It assists with tracking the data. For this, open your Power BI dashboard where the report is distributed. After opening your report, you need to scroll on the right corner and select the three dabs set there.

The choice of “Export Data” must be chosen from a drop-down menu. In the spring up window go for the choice of “Summarized data” and ensure the expansion referenced there is .xlsx. An Excel sheet containing your raw data will be constructed which can be altered and later glued in your slide in PowerPoint as SmartArt, Charts, Tables and so on

Use Power BI Tile Add-On in PowerPoint

In this technique, you can import the Power BI visuals and data directly from PowerPoint. After forming a presentation with a couple of slides, you can go to the “Insert” alternative. After choosing it, pick the alternative of “Store” or basically “My Add-ins” in case you’re utilizing the most recent version of the Office Suite. Search for Power BI and add the “Power BI Tiles” add-in.

Whenever you’ve added the tile, you approach the Power BI site. You can add your credentials and access your workspace and reports from Power BI. With this alternative, you can rapidly import your desired visual, scientific report or the total dashboard. Utilizing this alternative will save you the extra effort of changing from PowerPoint to Power BI repeatedly.

Data examiners and business professionals can perk up their presentation decks by importing data, reports and visuals from Power BI to PowerPoint presentations without any problem. When catering a presentation to your investors, the consideration of powerful visuals which show your data can garner praises for you. Impress your customers by acclimatizing your PowerPoint presentations with Power BI


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