How to Improve Your Virtual Exhibitions?

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Virtual exhibitions have seen a massive rise in recent times. Today, more & more exhibitions are going virtual, offering people great opportunities to access their holdings. Major event managing companies, trade show organisers and event exhibitors have started adopting a digital approach to deal with the global pandemic situation. Taking such trade shows, fairs and exhibitions to an online platform have offered some major advantages like: better customer acquisition, increased attendance & profits, and made many attendees happy.  No doubt, virtual exhibition is at the edge of changing the future of the event marketing world.

What are Virtual Exhibitions?

Virtual exhibition takes place on a virtual event platform which is broadcasted over the internet. Since the event takes place online the content can be delivered to a worldwide audience. Attendees can witness the virtual exhibition and have conversations with booth representatives via video, audio and even text chats. Keeping the event interactive helps the exhibitors to engage the audience from all around the world. Flexibility of the virtual exhibition is one of the main benefits as the audience can attend the event at their own convenience and comfort of their personal space. When hosting a virtual exhibition keep the following points in mind; prepare the show and policies carefully with latest technology to make the event effective.

How to Improve Your Virtual Exhibition?

Digital exhibitions are the new trend. While hosting a digital exhibition keep the following pointers in mind to make your event effective:

1. Customise Your own Virtual Booths.

Keep a common booth for the attendees to enable them to browse around various other booths. It helps in saving their time and energy while looking for a specific virtual booth.

Permit the attendees to ask questions regarding the event as it will ensure delivery of more information. They may ask questions by visiting the exhibitor’s profile on the website and/or app. While increasing interaction by doing this will also help the exhibitor to gain new leads.

Visually appealing virtual booths with eye-catching features such as images, logos, and banners will assist you in making your virtual booth unique.

Advertising with good graphics that depict the exhibitor’s agenda will develop a good impression and attract new users.

2. Feature Videos and Live Streams on the Exhibitor’s Profile Page

Though visitors may not be able to simply stroll up to an interesting booth any longer, exhibitors may still involve them in a variety of ways. Encourage exhibitors to show their merchandise online, whether by livestreaming or embedding a pre-recorded video in their profile.

See how exhibitors can find innovative ways for attendees to partake in these presentations, increasing interaction and giving them a greater sense of what the exhibitors are offering, depending on the commodity.

3. Social Media Promotions

Spread the word! Use social media platform to promote exhibitions. You may also include special deals, insights, and posts about upcoming live sessions to keep the audience excited and updated about exhibitions.

4. Introduce Gamification in Your Exhibition to Develop Interest in the Attendees for Exploration

Gamification keeps the attendees involved and active throughout the event. Simple reward system for the participants to attain awards will encourage your audience to explore numerous booths. A healthy competition will encourage the attendees to visit as many booths as they can.

Q&A, Quizzes and contests may assist in encouraging the audience to interact with the exhibitors. Simple rewards, such as stamps, can be awarded for the attendees to visit a booth, this will eventually help in gaining new leads.

5. Carry out Surveys and Pair Your Attendees with Exhibitors

Many attendees may be in a doubt about which exhibitor booth would be the most helpful for them. Send out a survey before the event starts and recommend your attendees based on their answers, about what goods and service may interest them the most. A quick meeting can also be held prior to the event to guide them even better.

6. Have Virtual Workshops with the Attendees

Encourage the exhibitors to hold seminars for participants who are keen to learn more about their products. The exhibitor may respond to product-related questions from concerned audiences.

Workshop meeting links can be showcased in the profile of the exhibitor, by which the attendees can interact with the exhibitor directly. Meeting virtually is also useful for arranging the workshop.

7. Hand out Brochures Regarding all Exhibitors in the Event via Email

Ask the exhibitors to provide a clear description of their company and product with contact information in a visually appealing way. After receiving information from all the exhibitors, compile everything into a PDF file and email it to the attendees. This will give the attendees valuable information regarding the event. The questions that may arise in their mind can be eliminated prior to the event commencement while simultaneously generating leads.

8. Generate Reports and Analyse the Event While Comparing It With Past Traditional Events

Having the knowledge about how virtual events differ from traditional events is crucial. At the end of the day attendee’s engagement is the key thing that matters. Generate a report for your exhibitors regarding the engagement their exhibition generated, interaction (via audio, video, and text) with attendees, and generated leads so that they may compare these reports with past traditional events and analyse them better.

Over to You

virtual exhibitions comes with endless opportunities, unlike physical events.  Broader scope, higher turnout, improved involvement and commitment, expanded ROI, more leads, sales, and data tracking are at the top of the list. to promote a successful virtual exhibition you need proper strategies, policies, and modern technology. In short, whether you are new to the virtual world and are hosting your first virtual expo or exhibition, the steps outlined above will assist you in hosting a successful event.

Creating a virtual exhibition that will wow your audience takes a lot of time and planning compared to in-person events. You need to consider the entire customer journey to your virtual event, rather than just focusing on having a good chat when somebody arrives at an in-person exhibition booth at a venue that is already set up. Incorporating these eight tips into your planning and execution strategy will help ensure your next virtual trade show is a success.


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