How to Hire and Pay Remote Workers in Multiple Countries

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As we know, companies involve remote international workers to grow their workforce,and also think of hiring employees from multiple countries. We can reach global talent  without tension any boundaries and it also has its benefits, But in addition to this, there is a lot of challenge in this, we will have to face the challenge like cultural, legal and communication of other countries, and for all this, we also need to make a plan. We will also have to follow the employment and labor laws of the country in which we work. This guide will show you the key areas to focus on your recruitment and hiring efforts.

Considerations When Hiring Remote Employees in Different Countries

When we think of forming a remote team together with the employees of different countries, then we also see which country depending on the dependent skills, logistical challenges and budget will be correct.

Access to Talent and Desired Skill Sets

When we hire workers for hiring abroad, we have to hire employees for a certain post. And there is also the possibility that the talent we are searching for should be in the same country. So we have to go to different countries to search for better talent and it means hiring in different countries if you need to fill more than one role.

Compensation of Remote employees

Usually whenever we fix the salary of remote employees, it is based on the economy and cost of the same country, which can be less or even more than that of our office workers. There is a lot of difference in the global economy, it is very difficult to make a policy of salary based on the cost of living and their expectations. Because countries like France and Singapore are paid according to the cost of living, and in countries like India and Malaysia, salary varies according to the needs and requirements.

Time Zones

When we work with employees of different countries, we all have different working hours. And usually the problem is with remote employees from other countries. And we have to make our time flexible by setting a fix time with our co-workers to collaborate with our remote team. That’s why some companies at this time try to facilitate the communication and cooperation of difference.


At this time, English language is used in the whole world, but there may be a difference in the way English language is spoken and written in other countries. There is a technical skill prevalent in recruitment, but then we need to come to English language to talk with management and employees so that he could talk easily.

Duration of Employment

When we hire a remote worker, then there is an employment time period for that  search for a temporary or long time,  because if we keep an employee on permanent job, then the process takes a lot of time. Most companies appoint at least one employee for 1 year, and a new employee tells the same to the employer.

Work Permits

Sometimes companies recruit migrants, so for this the company has to stay abroad and there is a need for the right skills. Many of the same considerations apply as with local residents, In addition, the migrant worker will need a work permit to do any work. This is less of an issue for EU citizens who require work permits in EU member countries, but if an Australian decides to live and work in Canada there are immigration requirements to meet using a local sponsor.

Once the remote staff is hired, the next step is how to get the employee to work and pay his salary. A company cannot put foreign remote workers on their home payroll in most cases, as taxes and contributions require to be made in the host country. For a single remote worker, setting up payroll and an agreement may not be a major interrupt, but companies that hire in multiple countries will want a centralized and flexible employment solution to use in every location.

1.Hire As Contractor/Freelancers

At first glance, we like to hire employees as contractors, but it is important to have a professional to use contractors abroad. If a company is working on a short time project or sometimes for small technical problems, then you can use this type of service. But in order to meet the staff needs for a long time abroad, we will have the option of proper employment abroad.

  1. Set Up Local Entities in Countries With Operations

Whatever international companies are, it opens its branches abroad to appoint local employees there directly. However, to justify the expense and try to incorporate, there will generally be a broader business presence in place, other than only hiring remote workers.

  1. Use a Local Partner in Each Country

Best used as an interim solution, a company with partners / distributors in the employee’s country could inquire of the partner to keep them on their local payroll. But hiring in multiple countries would mean needing business partners in every location, so it is perhaps less practical than other options.

  1. Use a GEO Employer of Record

Different companies working in different countries, which is a good solution for any size,because it has an employer to stop the management of local parole and employment. This means that we can hire remote workers in the world at the same time, while the company has a single point of contact with the GEO to manage all of the details. The EOR becomes the de facto local employer in each location on behalf of the foreign company.

Compliance While Operating in Different Countries

We should use this solution in the appointment of employees, but the company that is appointing us, that company is employed in that country and will follow the labor law and this is the priority of the company. This will entail a full understanding of how every country needs an employer to treat workers, including benefit entitlements, tax withholding, employer contributions and immigration requirements. 

Using Shield GEO

Creating a remote team of international employees is very important work for us. If with a good and clear strategy and contact with the local people, a remote team with good skills can be formed. And if there is a good increase in remote work everywhere, then all companies can start their work abroad, because they know that there is no barrier to accessing global talent. Because they know that there is no barrier to accessing global talent. Because they know that there is no barrier to accessing global talent. Because they know that there is no barrier to accessing global talent, because they know that there is no barrier to accessing global talent.


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