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Do you want to have tanned skin ? You should know that there are some tricks that will make your body make the most of the hours of sunshine and turn tan more quickly. From creating your own tanning cream to the foods you eat normally, there are many factors that make the skin tan more quickly, so in this OneHowTo article we will tell you how to get a quick tan with simple tricks that you can easily carry out. in your everyday life. Take note!

Steps to follow:

A natural way to make your body more tan is by using henna , a pigment that darkens our skin. Surely you have ever heard or seen a henna tattoo, it is a type of product that remains semi-permanent on the skin (its color can last up to 2 weeks) and does not contain any chemicals, being 100% natural.

To get a henna tan you just have to dissolve a tablespoon of henna in the bathtub and step into the bath for about 5 minutes, your skin will absorb the color naturally and you will appear to be tanned for several days. One of the advantages of henna is that it does not go away with water, therefore, you can bathe calmly without fear that its effects will lessen.


If you are looking for your body to absorb the sun’s UVA rays more quickly, you will have to add foods rich in carotenes, flavonoids and vitamins to your diet so that your skin is darker. The foods that contribute the most to your tan are the following:

  • Fruits: orange, carrots, apricot, apples, melon and persimmon
  • Vegetables: spinach, broccoli, tomatoes, and garlic

For your skin to catch the sun faster it is also advised that you exfoliate your skin to remove dead skin. Keep in mind that, if you do not do it, you will tan a part of the skin that when you shower will end up detached from your skin, so the tan will go away quickly. So, take note and once a week choose to exfoliate the body and that way you will get a quick tan.


Another tip to get a quicker tan is to avoid spending four hours in the sun once every fifteen days and opt to get under the sun’s rays more frequently and for less time. It is better to sunbathe for 20 minutes each day than to do it just once a week but literally toast yourself. In addition, the health of your skin will also thank you that the sun baths are less intense and more frequent so, progressively, your skin will change its tone and appear more brown and shiny. 


There are also some home remedies to achieve a greater tan. One of them consists of mixing a little olive oil and two lemons, the oil will hydrate your skin and the acid from the lemon will be able to modify the tone of your skin. To get this homemade bronzer you will have to mix both ingredients and pour it on your skin before going under the sun; Keep in mind that it is a very effective method so you will have to be in the sun for a maximum of 15 minutes.

Another natural sun cream is made by mixing carrot and coconut oil . You will have to mix the juice of a carrot with a little coconut oil until you get a homogeneous paste, apply it on your skin and you will get a golden and precious tone. In this OneHowTo article we give you more tips on how to tan your skin naturally.


To keep your skin from peeling from the sun, it is important to maintain good internal and external hydration . Therefore, it is recommended that you consume a lot of water during the tanning season so that your skin is healthy and does not break; But, it is also advised that you externally hydrate your body, so it is essential that after sunbathing you apply an aftersun lotion or a moisturizing cream that will maintain good skin health and, therefore, achieve a perfect tan .


But if what you are looking for is to go brown without sunbathing, you should know that, currently, there are different self-tanning products that manage to modify the tone of your skin for a more brown and golden one. In this sense, there are tanning wipes that serve to make your body tone up but, if you want the part of the face to become darker, it is recommended that you use bronzing powders as it takes into account the specific needs of the skin of face; At OneHowTo we tell you how to apply bronzing powders .


The creams with vitamin A , as Dermaglós, Adermicina A, Cream Milk, among others, help to improve the health of the skin, adding moisture, elasticity, vitamins and minerals you need. Putting on those creams the day before sunbathing is very good; as well as when the color is already fading.

With special creams for tanning , but attention !! only those approved by the dermatological association, since some damage instead of taking care of the skin. Some sun creams or tanning oils leave stains, and burn the skin too much, it is a very ugly color and can cause cancer if used many times.


The tanning bed is a dome with special light tubes that radiate your body and the skin gradually takes color . It is advisable to consult with a specialist skin doctor or a dermatologist before taking this type of sunbed session , since depending on your skin type it can cause serious damage . It is good that you are hydrated before going to a tanning session , since they tend to be long and it is very hot (as much as in a sauna), although now there are some that have air conditioning and offer refreshments in the meantime. As well as consult which creams they recommend to use to improve the results , the color and thetan .


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