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One of the biggest problems that can occur in a property is leaks, as they happen silently and, because of that, require a very rigorous inspection to solve the problem. But after all, do you, a hydraulic installer, know how to find water leaks in homes, businesses or offices?

To help you with this issue, we’ll start the text by talking about the importance of doing this check. Later, we’ll list a series of tips you can use to see if there’s a problem in place. Keep reading this article and understand how to discover possible leaks in the property!!

See how important it is to check for leaks in the property:

Leaks are dangerous, as they are silent and can cause great damage to the site, such as rotting structures – especially wooden ones -, in addition to leaving the environment humid and more susceptible to the emergence of fungi.

Another factor that must be taken into account is the increase in the water bill, which will depend on the size of the leak at the site. It is noteworthy that this problem generates other losses, such as the need for reform, if it is perpetuated for a long period.

Some leaks are easier to identify, such as those that occur in visible places and overhead. As for the occult, it is necessary to adopt a series of measures to identify them.

Find out now how to discover water leakage:

Leak Search:

To locate leaks and repair them, it is necessary to check the following items: external piping and reservoirs, points of use and consumption — such as bathroom and kitchen —, barrels, buoys, pumps and valves. It is also necessary to analyze the state of plumbing equipment, such as columns, branches and couplings.

Finally, wall and ceiling surfaces can be analyzed, identifying possible leaks due to the existence of mold, mildew, paint color change, soft wall, loose tile, etc.

There is also a chance that there are underground leaks, which are more difficult to identify. Although there are companies specialized in this matter, the ideal is to monitor consumption to confirm or not.

Leak test in toilets:

Another element of the house where leaks frequently occur are the toilet bowls. To determine if there are leaks in these places, three procedures must be performed.

For the cases of basins with attached box, a dye (such as soft drink powder) must be placed inside the attached box. If after some time the coloring sticks along the sides of the basin, it is a sign that there is a leak in the area.

For toilets with a conventional basin, coloring should be added to the basin’s water. If the water becomes clear after a while, it is a sign that there is a leak. For Plumbing services consult here

In the case of pipes built into the walls, the test is audible. To do this, tapping the wall in places where the plumbing passes must be done. In regions where the knock makes a different sound, it may be a sign that there is a leak there.

Pool Leak Test:

To determine if there is a leak in the pool, a test should be done using a bucket. It must be placed in the same pool water, 5 cm from the top, and must be kept tied up, without spilling. Bucket levels must be marked throughout the day. If the pool levels are changed more than the container, there is a leak.

Consumption verification:

Finally, the easiest method to be done is the verification of consumption. All water valves and water points in the property must be closed and the water meter (water inlet clock) monitored to ensure that it does not keep “running”. If you continue processing consumption even with all water points closed, the chance of a leak is great.

The analysis of consumption for each month is also essential. If there is an unexplained increase in the energy bill, the possibility of a leak is great. After this analysis step, if there is a big difference between the consumption of the current month and the previous one, the possible places of leakage and its causes must be investigated.

Therefore, knowing how to discover water leaks is the first step that you, the hydraulic installer, must take in the repairs you intend to make. Follow the tips we listed and be patient and determined, acting wisely to carry out the service and make the budget.

Now that you know how to discover water leaks in the property, leave a comment on this post with your question or contribution on the subject!


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