How to Export Thunderbird Local Folders to Outlook

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Mozilla Thunderbird is an open-source desktop-based email client application. It supports Windows, Mac, and Linux OS. Thunderbird makes it very easy to back up all of your MBOX mail information. It is a cross-platform email client developed by the Mozilla Foundation. It is used to store the information of Thunderbird in MBOX format. But somewhere, Thunderbird lacks its functionality, and most of the users moving from Thunderbird to Outlook. Because MS-Outlook provides some advanced features which are not available in Thunderbird. So, users migrating Thunderbird MBOX to Outlook. In order to migrate Thunderbird local file/folder to PST, we have discussed few methods, before that there is a need to understand why need to export Thunderbird local folder to Outlook..

Need to Convert Thunderbird Local Folder to PST

TMS-Outlook is an email application and it is one of the most popular email clients that stores users’ emails as well as personal email data in personal folders. It stores the data files in PST file format. Here, some features of MS Outlook discussed below.

  • Advanced functionality

Outlook has the feature of email management, notebook, a web browser, address book and a calendar. MS-Outlook is integrated with emails and contacts.

  • Data stored on remote location

In MS Outlook the data is stored in cloud which is one of the most secure way of storing the data. Also the data that is stored can be accessed from anywhere, there by reducing the risk of sudden data loss.

  • Advanced Security feature

It is more secure application and supports Microsoft share point and exchange server. Microsoft provides the facility to secure data it means all information is stored on cloud server.

  • Better time zone and meeting management

MS Outlook provides an option for meeting, invitations and Managing appointments across time zones.

  • Easy access

Outlook is more user-friendly and flexible. It permits configuring multiple email accounts within the single interface.

Ways to Export Thunderbird Local Folder to Outlook

There are manual methods available that help the user to move Thunderbird folder to PST. One of the method is discussed below that will help the user to learn how transfer Thunderbird local folder to Outlook PST:

Manual Process

With the help of this manual approach user can migrate Thunderbird local folder into Outlook.

  1. Run Mozilla Thunderbird.
  2. Open the messages folder which you want to migrate from Thunderbird.
  3. Select the messages that you want to export or you can also select all the messages, according to your requirement.
  4. Right click on selected messages and choose ‘Save As’ option from the menu.
  5. Choose a folder and save the messages as EML file format and select ‘Select Folder’ and export the message.
  6. Now, run MS Outlook 2007.
  7. Right-click the ‘Outlook’ in the main window, go to menu and select ‘New folder’.
  8. Name the folder according to your choice from the ‘Name‘ option and click ‘OK’ button to create the folder.
  9. After that, select the new created folder, this will be empty it means the middle pane is empty.
  10. Choose all the emails that you want to export from Thunderbird.
  11. Now, import all the mails and messages into the new folder and then click and drag/drop the emails to the middle pane of MS outlook.

At last, all the Thunderbird emails will appear and importing process is complete.

Limitiation With Manual Approach

The discussed manual procedure is not much effective to migrate Thunderbird local folder mail to Outlook. As there are few disadvantages while using this approach. Some of them are mentioned here:

  • Data loss

While exporting the Thunderbird mailbox containing local folders to Outlook there is a chances of data loss.

  • Lengthy process

Manual procedure includes lots of steps and also it is a long process because it takes more time for executing the steps.

  • Acquire lots of time & efforts

It takes lots of time and effort to export Thunderbird into PST. Moreover, it also requires the installation of applications on both system.

  • Technical knowledge required

To perform manual process there is a need of a technical user. It will be difficult for the non-technical user to move Thunderbird local folder to PST.

NOTE: Therefore, for full assurance, it is recommended to opt for a professional solution. These are well designed for Thunderbird to Outlook PST conversion and provide you complete conversion without any hassle.

Professional Alternative to Convert Thunderbird local folder/file to PST

To save time & effort users should try an automated solution that will help to export Thunderbird local folder to Outlook. The most feasible and reliable solution to move Thunderbird files and folders into Outlook is MBOX to PST Converter tool. This tool is easy to use and there is no need for technical knowledge for conversion. This software also assures the user maintains the integrity of the data after conversion.

thunderbird local folders to outlook


Moving the Thunderbird local folder to Outlook is an easy task but sometimes with a manual approach data loss can occur. So, there is a need for a reliable and secure method which is why we have discussed the manual as well as an automated approach to export Thunderbird local folder to Outlook.


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