How To Ensure Passing The Mot Test

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The Ministry of Transport conducts a three-year vehicle test to assess the safety and pollution level. If your vehicle doesn’t pass this test, it would be declared ineligible to be driven. However, it is very easy to clear the MOT test; you just need to pay attention to the vehicle’s details and ensure that it is up to the European safety standards.

You don’t need an expert to perform a pre-assessment test on your vehicle; you can do it yourself without the need for extra tools. This article covers all the essential requirements needed to pass the MOT test.

Ensure Tyre’s Proper Condition

Tyres are one of the most important components in terms of road safety, vehicle performance and driving comfort. Therefore, it is crucial to ensure that they are properly maintained and aren’t worn-out.

First, check the manufacturing date of the tyre painted on the sidewalls. It is written as a four-digit code where the first two digits denote the month, and the last two are the year of manufacturing. The average age of a good tyre is ten years from the date of manufacturing. Therefore, if your tyres have completed their age, replace them immediately.

Second, check the tread depth on the tyres. The safe depth, according to the European safety standards, is 1.6mm. For this purpose, insert a penny in of the ridges, and if half of it is visible, then you must replace your tyres.

Third, assess the sidewalls’ condition. If there are too many cracks visible on the outer surface, it means that your tyres have worn-out. Additionally, if there are any bulges visible on the contact patch, it means you have damaged tyres and you should go for a replacement.

All The Lights Should Function Properly

The proper function of lights is one of the important aspects of MOT tests. This means that no bulb should be fused and they must not flicker when in use. Additionally, they must respond to the driver’s instructions accurately.

To ensure this, ask someone to regulate all kinds of switches from the cabin and meanwhile, you go around the vehicle to see if there are any irregularities or discrepancies. Also, check the brightness of every bulb at different modes.

Change The Oils

If your “check engine” light is blinking, then you must get your car serviced immediately. However, if your vehicle does not have any major performance issue, just recharge all the oils. In the vehicle assessment process, the vehicle is subjected to extreme pressures to evaluate the performance.

Therefore, it is vital to ensure that all the moving components are properly oiled so that the car doesn’t heat too much or breakdown in the middle of the process. For this purpose, visit a Car Repair Northampton shop near you and ask them to ensure that everything is good under the hood.

Get Rid Of Dents And Damages

Dents caused due to hard impacts and deep collisions adversely affect the car’s performance and hurt your chances in the MOT test. However, minor dents that do not affect a vehicle’s driving performance whatsoever are permissible. Therefore, if the dents are too big, have them repaired properly.

Similarly, other damages mean that if there is a vital component such as a bumper or spoilers that have been damaged beyond repair, you must replace them. Such components are very crucial for road safety, and they are also assessed in the test.

A Registration Plate Must Be Clear

The license plate is a part of the legal document, and if any discrepancies are found in its clarity, you might be charged with obstruction of justice. Therefore, ensure that the font and font size are according to the set laws and all characters are properly in place.

Additionally, also ensure that the plate is properly fixed in its space and the bulb above it is functioning properly without any discrepancies.


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