How To Embed Facebook Page Reviews On Squarespace?

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Since 2004, Facebook has been making a huge difference in the online world. Starting as a social networking site connecting people worldwide, it has now changed into the biggest platform to connect people and businesses from different parts of the world. 

Yes, Facebook is the leading social media platform to boost and promote the business’s online presence. Many businesses are successful in reaching their targeted audience with Facebook and derive enormous sales using it. 

As Facebook has from time to time introduced some business-oriented features like Facebook Business Page, Facebook Reviews, Ratings, Recommendations, etc. These are some of the prolific features of Facebook that one should not miss out on. 

Nowadays, businesses are leveraging Facebook Page Reviews by adding them to their website. 

However, if you are struggling with “how to embed Facebook Page Reviews on your Squarespace website?” Then here is the solution. 

Let’s get into how you can simply and easily embed Facebook Page reviews into your Squarespace website. 

Step-by-Step Guide To Embed Facebook Page Review On Squarespace

Many Squarespace website owners get confused and find it difficult to add Facebook Reviews to the website. As most of the plugins, tools, and applications out there are talking about wordpress websites only. 

So do not anguish. We are here to guide you through the step-by-step process to embed Facebook Page Reviews on your Squarespace website without leaving any space for confusion and doubt. 

Follow these steps along, so you can embed Facebook Page reviews in real-time. 

Step 1: Open Your Facebook Review Page

You start by searching for the review section on your Facebook Business Page. As you open the page, on the sidebar, you will find a list of various options. There you will see the Review option. 

Click on the option, and all the customer reviews will be opened up. 

Step 2: Select Facebook Review

As you open the Review tab on the page, the list of Facebook reviews will be presented in front of you. Facebook reviews are categorized in the three tabs, ‘Most Recent’, ‘Star Rating’ and ‘Most Helpful.’

Depending on how your customer gave their reviews and responded to them, Facebook reviews are categorized in the respective categories. 

You can check the facebook page review from any of the tabs. Choose the one that you find most appropriate to display on the website. Now select the reviews that you want to display on the website. 

Step 3: Create Embed Code

Once you selected the Facebook review, now it’s your turn to embed Facebook Page review on your website. You have to click on the three dots horizontally represented on the top of the review to do this. 

When you click on the three dots, a menu list will open, and you see an “Embed” option in it. If you do not find the Embed option, you can click on the “Show More” option to open the further options in the list. 

Select the Embed option, and it will generate a code that can easily go with your website code. 

Step 4: Copy The Embed Code

As you click on the Embed option, a small screen will pop up on your computer or any device you are using. In a box, you find a code. It is the embed code for your selected Facebook review. 

Remember that you copy the entire code unless of URL or simply selecting in between. Copy the entire embed code on the clipboard.

Step 5: Paste The Embed Code On Squarespace

Now, the last step you have to perform is to paste the embed code on your website. Log in to your Squarespace website, open the web page where you want to display Facebook reviews, or you might create an entirely new page to showcase your Facebook reviews. 

Bonus Tip: Use Facebook Review Widget To Embed Multiple Facebook Reviews At A Time

The major drawback of embedding Facebook reviews from the Facebook Page is that you can only add a single review at a time. If you want to display multiple reviews, you have to follow the same process, again and again, every time you embed the Facebook Review on your website. 

However, if you want to display multiple reviews, I recommend using a Facebook Review Widget. 

With the help of a Facebook review widget, you can simply collect all the reviews and ratings available on your Facebook Business Page. Then you can customize and beautify them using some amazing themes. In this way, you can create a vibrant Facebook review window that is attractive and visually enhanced, improving the design of your website too.  

Wrapping Up!

So as promised, you have simply learned how to embed Facebook Page reviews on your Squarespace website in an easy and step-by-step manner. 

You also got to know about the Facebook review widget that helps you add multiple Facebook Reviews at a time in a designer window. 

Hence, without any delay, you can start embedding Facebook reviews if you haven’t already!


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