How to do an E-commerce Business setup in Shams -Sharjah Media City Free zone

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When all the other organizations are facing misfortunes during COVID 19 pandemic, Amazon has broken up all records in e-commerce, which shows the power of e-commerce business.

Convenience is considered as the key to the success of business in the present scenario. You should be able to give convenience and safety to your customers if you want to succeed. And that is possible only if you can put your business online in other terms e-commerce. 

E-commerce has become an enviable as most of the people are confined to the home and are not allowed to go out for shopping. Before COVID 19 also e-commerce has started to thrive and COVID 19 had a great impact on the same as well. 

Why E-commerce is necessary?

Some of the reasons to set up an E-commerce business are:

  • Business can get a broad reach
  • Marketing opportunities are great to local business
  • Significant increase in sale as it is open 24*7
  • The future of business is E-commerce
  • Customers can buy from there comfort zone

Even though all the countries have the same growth in E-commerce, some places like the UAE have greater sales compared to other places, depending on the residents, demography etc. If you are looking for setting up a business in UAE, then Sharjah Media City Free zone is one among the best places of UAE to start a business. All the free zones have different rules and regulations for setting up a business, if you are wondering how to start a business in SHAMs free zone, how to register and get a company license, here are the details.

E-commerce Business Setup in SHAMs free zone

SHAMS is one of the desirable place for entrepreneurs as Sharjah Media City Free one is one of the low-cost zones in the country. Also, it has the easiest registration process for setting up a company. The business license of SHAMs free zone is categorized into 3 types for business persons depending on the business activity they do. They are:

  1. Trading License

For industrial and manufacturing activities the trading licence is provided.

  1. Service License

For service activities like consultancy, auditing, and any other type of accounting companies are given the service licence.

  1. Industrial License

In order to do manufacture business and to do import and export business, then you have to get the industrial license.

These licenses include hundreds of business activities, if you want to do multiple activities then you can combine the licences. You can talk with the team business setup in SHAMs free zone to find out which licence suits for your e-commerce business set up.

Why SHAMS for your business?

For just AED 12,000 you can combine and get a business licence for 3 business activities and you can right away start your business and start selling your products online without any delay. 

Business setup in SHAM free zone

Advantages of SHAMs free zone 

Some of the major advantages of SHAMs free zone are mentioned below:

  • You will get full ownership, unlike other business licenses in UAE, you don’t require a local partner(citizen of UAE). 
  • SHAMS free one allows you to return a full profit to your hometown and no restrictions are imposed as a duty or no other hidden charges are there, which means you have full freedom on your money.
  • You are exempted from all corporate taxes, if your business is registered under SHAMS free zone
  • The import and export tax is ZERO.
  • A wide variety of business activities like E-commerce, marketing consultancies, accounting firms, Company formations services in UAE, media services, import and export and many more are allowed in SHAMS free zone.
  • Registration from the comfort zone of home is possible. No need to be physically present in Sharjah to do the registration process. Everything can be submitted online
  • Very fast and easy setup process compared to other free zones. 
  • Cost-effective visa packages are available.


Sharjah Media City Free Zone(SHAMS) is the favourite free zone in UAE for all entrepreneurs because of its flexible rules and laws and because of its easy registration process. Sharjah has become one of the best and successful places to have business in UAE. So if you are planning to start your business in UAE, you can definitely think about Sharjah Media City Free Zone.


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