How To Deal With Old/Leftover Granite Countertops?

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Leftover or old granite often ends up in the dumpster, which is a shame. After all, granite is a sturdy and beautiful natural stone that’s supposed to last for years. It’s usually a good idea to keep the larger pieces for repairs when getting new granite countertops Denver

Other than that, there are many ways you could prevent leftover and old slabs from going to waste. These ways include donation, recycling, reusing, and repurposing the slabs.


The old granite slabs need not be tossed out with the last night’s dinner. You can give the slabs to one of the granite recycling companies across the country. They can repurpose the scraps for different home projects. It’s a better alternative to letting granite slabs collect in landfills. Plenty of renovators and handymen may also be interested in using the leftovers.


Many charitable organizations are involved in building homes for the poor. Contact them to see if they accept granite scraps. They may accept your leftover counters for the kitchen or have them repurposed. You should also check with your CPA if this donation could help with your taxes.

Giving To Neighbors

You could give the leftovers to a neighbor looking for affordable countertops that match their wood flooring Fort Collins Whether it’s for a price or a beer pack is up to you. Decide the price and shake on it. Though you might want to make your neighbor responsible for the dismantling and transport. There’s a risk that the counter may break during the removal.


In many cases, the old granite slabs may be in good condition. You could reuse them in other areas, like the vanity for your bathroom. You need to consider the following aspects to decide if reusing is feasible or not:

– Size

Your old granite must fit the dimensions of the area you want to install them in. It’s possible to cut a big slab for a small area. You could join small slabs for a big area, though it’d leave some seams on the surface.

– Cutout

Kitchen countertops may come with cutouts for the sink. You’ll need a similar type to be able to reuse it.

– Layout

Countertops are usually customized for a particular space. This is the main complication when reusing.

– Breakage

Stones are durable but their slabs can break under the right conditions. Your contractors may or may not take responsibility for the damage.

– Pattern

Your old countertop may stand out from the existing countertop design in the bathroom. Though it may not be a problem if you reuse it as a kitchen island.


If you’re handy with tools, then you could do some DIY repurposing in your backyard. There are plenty of interior and exterior repurposing projects you can use the natural stone for. Some items you can repurpose them into include:

– Dough Rolling Board

The smoothness of granite makes it a great surface to roll dough upon. Many of us are guilty of doing this on the countertop anyway. You just need to cut a small board big enough to roll dough on.

– Cutting Board

Granite is a strong substance that’s difficult to scratch or chip. This makes it a decent material for a chopping board. Though, many warn that granite may be too tough on your knives, causing them to dull, chip, or even break.

– Coasters

This is perfect for small leftover pieces. You can cut them into small coasters to place your drinks on.

– Lazy Susan

A lazy susan is convenient to have whether at the dining table to store cutlery and condiments or in the kitchen for the spices.

– Outdoor Fountain

The use of granite isn’t limited to the indoors. You can use it for outdoor decor as well. You can stack together some scraps to create an outdoor fountain. You’ll need to drill a hole between them and insert the piping for this to work.

– Bookends

Need to reorganize your book collection? Make some bookends out of the slabs to hold them up neatly.


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